For most Russians, the phrase "zinc coffins" is associated with the war in Afghanistan. At that time these metal boxes were returned to the families of dead soldiers. But today, the demand for these hermetically sealed coffins for the dead has not diminished.

Why the coffin zinc

In fact, they are not made of zinc, and galvanized iron. Metal is the most convenient for the safety of the goods, as it has anti-corrosion properties and provides the ability to hermetically seal off the coffin. This is especially important when transporting the body long distances.

In addition, the zinc coating has some antibacterial properties which for some time slows down the decomposition of the corpse. Metal is convenient because during the transportation of the dead can be observed safety. If wooden coffins can happen cracking from a fall or blow, for zinc it is impossible.

Before laying the body in a mandatory manner is subjected to embalming. If you transport it a short distance, instead of a metal casket you can use hardwood with a zinc liner. Transport of sealed coffins much easier, since such a load is issued freely from the customs, railway stations and airports.

When the need arises to use zinc coffins?

First, if the person died away from their homeland and transportation of his body requires a considerable time. Second, in times of war it is often necessary to send relatives disfigured by explosion, or otherwise dead. The metal sarcophagus masks the unpleasant sight and close to apply less mental trauma.

If the carriage of the corpse is carried out in warm season, the risk of rapid disintegration of the tissues of the corpse is greatly increased. Therefore, the occurrence of an unpleasant smell becomes inevitable. Wood is unable to securely hold the molecules of this air, and galvanized coffin, hermetically sealed, will not be afraid for the distribution characteristic of the decay of "flavors".

At the request of relatives in a metal box can be attached to wooden, chipped in accordance with the funeral rites. On the zinc coating is easily applied to the Church symbols that may be especially important for families of believers. In some cases, without the use of the zinc coffin not to do, since it has many advantages over hardwood.