You will need
  • monitor;
  • - external TV tuner;
  • decoder of digital television;
  • active computer speakers;
  • cables;
  • - extension cord with multiple outlets;
  • - TV antenna.
Check the monitor. Connect it to your computer with a suitable graphics card, put it on full screen any video, though, with YouTube. Step away from the monitor to a distance at which you are going to watch TV. Make sure that the image quality suits you.
Select right TV tuner. Type of output (VGA, DVI or HDMI) must match the input type of monitor. The tuner must be designed to work without a computer. Note that the devices with VGA outputs often can receive only analog TV channels. If analog broadcasting in your region has been terminated, or the imminent termination of the plan, such a tuner will have to add an external console-decoder of digital television of the standard.
Connect the tuner cable (VGA, DVI or HDMI) to the monitor. If the tuner can only receive analog TV programs, and broadcasting your location has only digital cable with RCA connectors, connect the digital decoder to the tuner. Socket to do this use the yellow. Antenna connect to the device that will accept the transfer tuner or digital decoder. Turn on all the devices. When you bundle digital decoder with analog switch the second tuner to the AV mode (low frequency input). Take the remote from the device that is attached to the antenna, and generate automatic or manual search channels according to the instructions.
The image you have already received, but the sound is likely still there. The sound will appear only in the combination of three conditions: connection is made via HDMI, all devices and the cable supports audio transmission via HDMI, the monitor has integrated speakers. If not complied with at least one of these conditions, add to the system another component - active computer speakers. On the tuner or digital decoder to output sound of the stereo has two RCA connector - red and yellow. Buy or make a cable, one end of which is RCA plugs, and another 3.5 mm stereo socket. The RCA plugs connect to corresponding jacks of a tuner or digital decoder and 3.5 mm Jack connect the plug of the speakers. Turn on the speakers and controller on one of them adjust the volume.