You will need
  • cable HDMI-HDMI, adaptor DVI-HDMI.
To connect the TVand the system unit of the computer, you can use several different options. To begin, select the port in the TV, e, to which you will connect the video card of your PC. There are several key connectors, which are used to transmit digital or analog signal. The first type includes the ports of DVI and HDMI, the second is S-video and VGA.
If you are a happy owner of a modern powerful computer, you're in luck. Most likely, your video card is already equipped with an HDMI port. In this case, you can simply buy a cable HDMI-HDMI to connect a computer with TVOhm.
In the relatively older models of video cards there are two connectors: VGA and DVI. Specially for such cases, invented an adapter DVI-HDMI. Connect it to a video card, insert the HDMI-HDMI cable and connect it to the TVOhm.
Note an important point: in many models of video cards, the DVI port does not transmit audio, unlike HDMI connector. In this situation, you need to purchase a cable with sound connector (3.5 mm) on both ends. Connect the Audio Out port in the sound card and the Audio in Jack on the TVE.
It is not enough just to connect the TV and the system unit. Still need to adjust the display settings. Turn on the computer. Click the right mouse button on the desktop. Go to "screen Resolution". From the top you will see the icons of the two displays. Select the one that represents the TV.
If you want to expand your workspace, you click to "Expand screens". If you require to get the identical image on both screens, then select "Duplicate these displays".
Not all chipsets support dual channel mode. You can learn about immediately after loading Windows: on the screen of the TVand will only display the background picture of the desktop. In such cases, click on the icon, symbolizing the TV, and select "Make this main display".