You will need
  • - solution of hydrogen peroxide;
  • - cotton pads;
  • - gidroperit;
  • ointment "Eplun";
  • - "Tsiprolet";
  • "Troxevasin or Indovazin";
  • "Etamsilat";
  • - "Citrosept";
  • a syringe without a needle;
  • - "Vikalin".
If you want to stop the blood from the feet:Take a cotton pad and lightly dampen it into a three percent solution of peroxide. In the case of its absence it is possible to apply the dry tablet gidroperita. To prepare the solution, pour one pill a tablespoon of water. Carefully, not making any sudden movements, treat the wound. The bird jerked, ask someone from relatives to hold her, lifting the foot upwards.
как остановить кровотечение у собаки
Anoint paw ointment. Very suitable for this "Eplun". This drug has disinfectant properties, stimulates the growth of new tissue and rapidly promotes blood clotting.
как вылечить попугая от клеща
If the injured bird was from a cat or dog, anoint paw antibacterial ointment, and parrot give the "Tsiprolet". The tool starts to affect the bacteria and kills them. In case the house has no funds, the claw of the bird can be cauterized with diluted potassium permanganate. Ensure potassium permanganate does not impinge on the delicate skin of the bird.
как лечить попуга
As soon as the bleeding stops, secure the bird to rest and not touch the presser foot. The parrot let's vitamins, will be very good if you treat the bird with garnet. Be sure to give your pet more food because he needs to recuperate.
как лечить понос у попугая
Smear paw every day "Caffeine" or "Indovina". If the bird begins to lick the ointment, do not be afraid, for it is absolutely harmless. But in any case, do not use other similar tools, because they can poison a parrot.
как лечить кореллу
If the blood need to be stopped from bill:Stop the blood with the help of "Dicynone" or "Etamzilata". To do this two times a day to drip in the beak of 0.1 ml of any of these two drugs. Add in the drinking water drop "Citrosept" at the rate of one drop of the drug in 50 ml of water.
Buy "Vikalin" or "De-Nol". One quarter the tablets dissolve in a teaspoon of water and allow the bird to drink it. If the parrot doesn't want to drink, gently drip the solution with a syringe. You need to drip five drops twice a day. Using the syringe, be sure to remove the needle.
Categorically dangerous to use potassium permanganate as it can accidentally get inside. To prevent this in any case can not be, otherwise the bird can get severe burns.