Causes of itching in the perineum

This intimate problem like itching in the perineum, in most cases, are familiar to people who do not observe rules of personal hygiene. Physiological and sweat become favorable conditions for the activity of pathogenic bacteria and fungi. Increased volosistoe or wrinkling of this area create additional inconvenience.

Synthetic undergarments are also in most cases becomes the reason of itching. And the reason is high humidity in the perineum, caused by the inability of the fabric to allow air to the body.
Bouts of itching in some people can increase after consuming a large amount of fatty, fried, spicy food and food-allergens – citrus, eggs, chocolate, confectionery.

Sometimes itching in the perineum may occur as a reaction to the antibiotics, because the disease weakened the immune system affects the resilience of the skin. Another less common cause of itchy sensations in the intimate area is hard toilet paper, the use of which leaves skin abrasions and sores.

What can tell itching in the crotch

Itching in the perineum is not always a consequence of insufficient hygiene. Unpleasant sensations in the genital area can be a symptom of scabies, diabetes, or sexually transmitted diseases.

Some patients have itching sensation in the perineum were the first signs of hemorrhoids, fistula or parasitism by worms. But all these pathologies successfully cured.

In women, itching in the perineum may be due to any disease of the sexual sphere, in which abnormal discharge becomes sources of skin irritation. Constant wearing panties-thongs made from synthetic materials – another factor that triggers an itchy sensation in the crotch area.
The cause of pruritus pregnancy can be hormonal changes or stretching of the skin of the abdomen caused by a growing uterus. Intolerable itching in the perineum in pregnant women may indicate a yeast infection.

Men itching in the intimate area often bothers in the summer due to irritation of the delicate skin of excess hair. Discomfort can also signal an infectious or inflammatory process. If the exact nature of the itching cannot figure out, a person diagnosed with "idiopathic itching of the anus".

How to relieve the itching in the crotch: treatments

If causes of itching was established pathogenic fungi, the skin can be several times a day to treat with antifungal ointments. They will be appointed by the doctor after examining the patient for the presence of moist surfaces.

If within several days to cope with the problem persists, replace the other ointment and rubbing it for at least 2 weeks. Then do a week break and the course is repeated. Remove the inflammation from irritated skin will help ointments such as: Lokoid, Ultraproct, Triderm.

In the treatment process, special attention should be paid to personal hygiene and the safety of family members. The patient to sleep better in a separate bed, and after shower it should be treated with disinfectants.

If itchy sensations from the groin area has spread throughout the body, useful are wet wiping 5 % solution of vinegar. Powder in its composition should contain talc. Washing away with warm boiled water with baby soap should be conducted after each trip to the toilet.

If itching in the perineum was triggered by a venereal disease, first treat them, fulfilling all the prescription and carefully observing all the rules of hygiene, and study preventive measures.