Why you need a pedometer

According to studies, the majority of Russians per day make no more than 5 thousand steps, then how to maintain health should be done not less than 10 thousand! Otherwise, lifestyle can be considered inactive, and its effects pretty sad. But to count their steps on their own is almost impossible, and who will do it? A pedometer is a convenient device that will allow you to control physical activity. No matter whether you are walking in the evenings for health or run for weight loss, pedometer in any case, will provide invaluable assistance in the calculation of results. He will not let you shirk the load required, or to overwork.

Originally, pedometers were created for athletes, but now they are used by all who run or sports walking independently.

Sometimes you can find the word "step", but it is wrong, it is true to say "pedometer".

The use of pedometer

Before you attach your pedometer and start walking, read to him the instructions. I think that there is nothing easier, than to use a pedometer? The fact that the devices differ in the types and depends on method of attachment. Some models need to wear on your wrist, the other to attach on shoes, some on the waist strap. There are those who will be able to work even in your pocket. It is important to know how your pedometer, otherwise reliable results cannot be obtained.

Pedometers allow you to calculate the distance you have walked: the unit focuses on the length of steps and the number of them. The device will detect that you took a step, as in the time of committing the acceleration of your body at some point will be negative. This is the reaction of the pedometer. Mechanical pedometer weight feels the resistance of the spring, and then rotates the counter, shifting it by one. While the electronic device is the same, only the sensor is Electromechanical. Modern models often have microprocessors that allow you to almost completely eliminate false positives.

There are also pedometers that can attach to the sole: the value is incremented as soon as you click on the device making the step. The sensor is placed on one leg is a couple of steps.

Newer devices are equipped with GPS, which greatly reduces the likelihood of errors associated with the movements of the body executed on the spot.

If you do not have a sedentary job, the pedometer at this time continues to count results. At this time you are particularly at risk of multiple false positives. Also, the pedometer does not sleep while you are moved in transport. So the first few days you just need to follow the device by disabling it at certain moments, for example while you go to work.