You will need
  • Mobile phone;
  • - packing materials;
  • - post office.
Sending mobile phone mail can be divided into two stages: packing and shipment. The first phase is particularly important, because in the process of transporting postal items often fall and become deformed. If you do not pay due attention to the protective cover, the addressee will get a phone with a broken screen or a cracked housing.
To avoid such troubles, install the phone in a perforated film, soft cloth or a synthetic winterizer. Place it in a small box and tape it shut around the perimeter.
Then re-wrap the box with soft material and put it in another box of larger size. It is also completely seal with tape. Such security measures will protect not only against bumps and drops, but also from theft. Known cases when unscrupulous postal workers opened the mail. If a hastily wrapped package to reveal quite easily, the quality a sealed box will scare away criminals.
Before you carry your phone in the mail, decide through which the mail service will send the parcel. The most suitable for you are sending first class, Express Mail Service (EMS) and parcels with declared value.
If you want to send a mobile phone in a city that is far away from your residence, arrange the shipment in first class. First, the phone will be delivered by airmail and, therefore, the recipient will receive a coveted gift much faster. Secondly, shipments of the first class do not go to an intermediate sorting centers. And it is in the process of loading/unloading to apply the most damage to parcels.
EMS service, great for busy people. The recipient will not need to waste your time going to the post office and stand there in the queue. The package will bring home and present to him personally.
The cheapest of these, but relatively safe way to send the parcel with declared value. If you do not aim the time to send the phone to a certain date, securely Packed this valuable item, you can send it this way.
After you select the shipping method you just have to fill out forms at the post office and sign the parcel. Carefully fill in all items based on the sample that you provide. Check several times, if you correctly entered the recipient's details and send your mobile phone.