You will need
  • - Mobile phone call recording;
  • device for recording phone calls;
  • - a tape recorder.
Answer the incoming call. Most cell phones do not allow you to begin recording the conversation before making the call. If your phone supports the recording function, click "Preferences" or "Settings" and then "Record." You will see how special the timer counts down showing the time of recording of the conversation. On some mobile phones it is limited, so try to keep within the requisite period.
Notifies the other party that the conversation is being recorded before recording any information. According to the laws of many States recording a conversation without the knowledge of the source is prohibited, you must obtain dual consent. If you plan to use this entry for trial of any type, without the consent of the other party you can also go to court. Sometimes it requires the consent of only one hand, therefore please check your local laws.
Complete the challenge. At the end of the call, the recording also stops. You can also stop recording to end the call, press "Options" and then "Stop". Set the sound file to the desired name, and save it on the phone.
Purchase a device to record telephone conversations and voice recorder, if your cell phone is not equipped with this feature.
Connect the recording device to the recorder, and then place the earphone in your ear. You can also connect your device to record telephone conversations to your computer and save the recording on the hard disk.
Take the challenge to the mobile phone (the headset must be in the ear) and press the "Record" button on the recorder. Device to record telephone conversations will record it both sides on a cassette tape.