You will need
  • - documents: the application form No. 1; copies of identity documents of all family members; the documents confirming structure of a family; a copy of the marriage certificate or its dissolution; the documents confirming the right to extraordinary receiving housing and others;
  • - a signed or executed contract on a mortgage;
  • - matched housing / housing options, appropriate housing standards.
If you and your family fall under the rule of the insufficient number of square metres per capita or total lack thereof, in obtaining a social mortgage you will be reimbursed 50% of the expenses actually incurred on payment of interest on a mortgage loan issued for the purchase of real estate. The loan itself is not kompensiruet.
Collect the required documents-the list is quite long. With their complete list and General information about the social mortgage can be found on the website of the Government of the Saratov region. Go to the website go to "Government", then chain "Structure of the Government of the Saratov region" - "the Ministry of construction and housing and communal services of the Saratov region" - "Mortgage lending". You will be taken to a page where information for citizens participating in the subprogram "Development of mortgage housing crediting".
Please read carefully this information, the entire process of obtaining a social mortgage it is painted in great detail. Take the collected package of documents to the Ministry of construction and housing and communal services at the address: Saratov, Chelyuskintsev St., 114, office. No. 4. Inquiries by phone 8 (8452) 26-59-71. If you have any questions, you can always consult with a specialist Ministry, and you will be given all necessary explanations.
Choose housing that meets housing standards – not less than 14 square meters total area. Remember that with the purchase of this property you have to improve their living conditions, otherwise your family will not receive compensation for social mortgages.
Enclose a contract with the Bank for mortgage lending.
The compensation process is as follows. In accordance with the signed agreement of compensation of interest on mortgages, but also on the basis of information received from credit institutions on payments made, the Ministry of construction will make the transfer specified amount to the participant's personal account of "social mortgage".