Advice 1: How to apply for social mortgage in Saratov

Social mortgage is sometimes the only opportunity to obtain their own housing for low-income families. Take advantage of this program can citizens who do not have their space or a family member have no more than 14 square meters.
How to apply for social mortgage in Saratov
You will need
  • - documents: the application form No. 1; copies of identity documents of all family members; the documents confirming structure of a family; a copy of the marriage certificate or its dissolution; the documents confirming the right to extraordinary receiving housing and others;
  • - a signed or executed contract on a mortgage;
  • - matched housing / housing options, appropriate housing standards.
If you and your family fall under the rule of the insufficient number of square metres per capita or total lack thereof, in obtaining a social mortgage you will be reimbursed 50% of the expenses actually incurred on payment of interest on a mortgage loan issued for the purchase of real estate. The loan itself is not kompensiruet.
Collect the required documents-the list is quite long. With their complete list and General information about the social mortgage can be found on the website of the Government of the Saratov region. Go to the website go to "Government", then chain "Structure of the Government of the Saratov region" - "the Ministry of construction and housing and communal services of the Saratov region" - "Mortgage lending". You will be taken to a page where information for citizens participating in the subprogram "Development of mortgage housing crediting".
Please read carefully this information, the entire process of obtaining a social mortgage it is painted in great detail. Take the collected package of documents to the Ministry of construction and housing and communal services at the address: Saratov, Chelyuskintsev St., 114, office. No. 4. Inquiries by phone 8 (8452) 26-59-71. If you have any questions, you can always consult with a specialist Ministry, and you will be given all necessary explanations.
Choose housing that meets housing standards – not less than 14 square meters total area. Remember that with the purchase of this property you have to improve their living conditions, otherwise your family will not receive compensation for social mortgages.
Enclose a contract with the Bank for mortgage lending.
The compensation process is as follows. In accordance with the signed agreement of compensation of interest on mortgages, but also on the basis of information received from credit institutions on payments made, the Ministry of construction will make the transfer specified amount to the participant's personal account of "social mortgage".
After the changes made by the Government of the Saratov region in regulation No. 265-P, the list of persons falling under the "social mortgage" has expanded. Now it can get and the shareholders of housing under construction, and recipients of the parent capital.
Useful advice
The district administrations work Advisory services on mortgages, where not only will answer all questions, but will help to fill necessary documents.

Advice 2 : Where to go in Saratov

Saratov is a thriving student city, famous for its architecture, the beauty of the Volga expanses and beautiful scenery. And let many believe the Saratov rural wilderness, but in the provincial Outback really is the place where you can spend time with benefit and pleasure, and most importantly have free time and funds to in what does not refuse to this beautiful city.
Where to go in Saratov
To begin acquaintance with Saratov is walking in the city centre. The famous Avenue of Kirov, which is also called Saratov Arbat, kindly welcomes its guests. Those who first is on Central Avenue, indeed dazzled by the abundance of fashion boutiques and other entertainment venues. Brace yourself, because there is a temptation to leave and all their savings. The main Avenue of the city rests in a quiet and picturesque Park Lipki, where you can relax after a forced March through the city centre in the cool shade of the trees. Summer in the Park in full working fountains, and all the benches busy adoring students or young families, in General, the atmosphere is very favorable. After resting and continuing the journey further, you will find yourself on the famous Saratov promenade, admire the beauty of the Volga river, will be able to stroll through Grand bridge "Saratov-Engels" or take a picture from the rotunda – a favorite place of the newlyweds. In Saratov there is no resident, no matter who walked around Sokolova Gora in Victory Park. It is a Grand monument to all soldiers who died in the great Patriotic War. In the Park at every turn there are models of restored military vehicles – tanks, trains, planes. Thanks to historians, a faithful recreation of fighting trenches, so everyone can experience the atmosphere of those great days. Be sure to climb to the main monument Sokolova – the stele with the cranes. From the summit of the mountain offers wonderful views of Saratov, the Volga and Engels. Be sure to visit the famous Saratov Conservatory. Tickets are not as expensive, and the memories will last for many years to come. Also in Saratov a lot of cinemas: the pioneer, Victory, Saratov, Porthole, IMAX, etc it would be a crime to ignore the Saratov theaters: the recently opened new theatre, the drama Theatre. Slonova, Opera and ballet. And, of course, do not forget about the famous Museum. Radishcheva. Nightlife lovers will also not remain on the sidelines. Night Saratov live a full busy life, and its doors open such clubs as Mandalla Hall, Gagarin, Alexandria, Grand Michelle, etc. in the Summer you should definitely go on a night walk with a disco on the Volga river on the ship, which departs every evening from the Promenade Astronauts. Well, if you are planning to go and pick up some shopping, then the best place is the huge shopping center "Triumph Mall". Remember that in Saratov is very difficult is the situation with the transport, so try not to be on the road during rush hour – there is a risk of getting stuck in traffic for a couple hours. The mood from the walk will be spoiled.

Advice 3 : How to issue a mortgage in Sberbank

The mortgage in Sberbank is provided on mutually beneficial conditions with convenient payment schedule and the minimum overpayment on the loan. This organization attracts a large number of the population. To obtain a loan in the short term for individually tailored program.
How to issue a mortgage in Sberbank
Ask the Bank branch Manager what programs of acquisition of housing that are currently available. Depending on this select the appropriate option.
Collect necessary information on a specific mortgage program. Find out if there is a need to attract co-borrowers, if there is enough help in the form of personal income tax or need to provide additional documents with your last job. Make copies of the passport pages. Talk with a specialist, he will make you a preliminary schedule of payments for a specified loan amount.
Locate housing. This is necessary because the contract of sale of a house or apartment with the assistance of a mortgage loan you will need to include your address and to make the assessment of dwellings in the document. Do the Bank employees.
Prepare the necessary documents for the acquisition of property and take them to the Bank. There you have to say how much time it will take for a background check. If approved, the Bank will direct you on the future place of residence of the appraiser, who will make a conclusion about the cost of the apartment or house.
Insure the property, it is done simultaneously with the contract conclusion-sale and purchase, at the stage of registration of the mortgage. The insurance will have to pay the required amount.
Open a Bank account in the organization. The savings Bank requires customers to have new checkbooks for all types of mortgage lending with the purpose of transfer of funds in the future on account of the Bank for the use of a mortgage loan. In the cell you put the right amount, you will withdraw yourself or hand over the keys to the seller. And from the savings account will pay a monthly premium to the Bank, after adding to it.
Sign the Treaty, two of them, and as many copies as the parties stated in the document. One copy remains with the Bank, you have the second and third from the seller. You need to examine all items, especially to pay attention to the payment procedure and liability of the parties and penalties for non-payment.
Notarized agreement is not necessary, after registration in the registration chamber of the contract of purchase and sale, you can transfer the money to the seller in full.

Advice 4 : How to get a mortgage poor?

Mortgages for the poor is to provide a mortgage loan of the cash cost of which is paid by the state.
The purpose of this mortgage is the improvement of the living conditions of certain categories of citizens.
How to get a mortgage poor?

The rate of mortgages for the poor is 18 sq. m. of housing per person, if the person is unable to purchase a property using a commercial mortgage.

The mortgage program for the poor, people who are in the queue for the purchase of housing, offers housing at a reduced cost.

In this program can participate budget workers, military personnel and young families.

Social mortgage is divided into several types of state aid:

-Low-interest mortgage at the expense of the state;

-Partial subsidy for the purchase of real estate;

-Provision of a public dwelling mortgage on preferential terms;

-Regional program of social mortgage.

Currently, the most common variantov mortgages for low-income citizens two. Pirst provides for the purchase of housing built at cost, and this means that prices in two or more times below the market. The second option consists in granting subsidies for the purchase of housing mortgage at the market price.

Definitely shows the options that make buying property much more accessible in comparison with market conditions. However, this type of mortgage has its own peculiarities. For example, it is impossible to buy a private house or dwelling on the secondary market. State aid applies only to the purchase of an apartment in a new building.

In addition, before you can obtain a mortgage for the poor citizens, need to prove that it has rights. For this you will need to collect the documents to be submitted to the municipality. For registration of mortgages for the poor have to spend a lot of time and effort. This is because the state can't give property to everyone. In addition, not all borrowers are trustworthy.

Mortgage for young people

The essence of this mortgage is to purchase real estate at cost with the mortgage. Young families with children are eligible to receive a subsidy of up to 40% from cost of an apartment in the mortgage. The subsidy in this case will depend on the age and number of children.

Advice 5 : What distinguishes a mortgage from a home loan

The housing problem is one of the most acute for the majority of Russians. When own funds for the purchase of housing is not enough to gain maybe a mortgage or home loan. It is necessary to understand the difference between these loans is to choose an optimal option.
What distinguishes a mortgage from a home loan

Differences between mortgage and home loan

Housing loans and mortgages - are quite similar concepts. In both cases, there is an allocation of money to the borrower to purchase real estate. And in the case of housing loan money can be spent exclusively for the improvement of living conditions. For example, to purchase housing on the secondary market, individual construction, reconstruction of housing. The mortgage involves a purchase of any property. It can be land, office buildings, and housing.

With both types of loan, the borrower must make a down payment of 10% and confirmed its solvency. The terms on which loans vary between banks and depend on the type of real estate (housing on the secondary or primary market, construction of housing).

The principal difference between these two loans is the collateral and the rights of ownership of housing. The mortgage provides for the pledge of the acquired property. While housing loan, you can pledge another property. Housing loan will be unsecured. But in this case, it will differ less favorable to the borrower interest rate, and a limited amount of credit.

Mortgage the owner of the acquired property till the moment of repayment of the debt is the Bank and when housing directly to the buyer. This is one of the benefits of housing loan. In extreme situations the apartment can be sold to pay off the Bank. And implement the property on their own terms. In the mortgage the apartment to dispose of the Bank directly and regain will not all the money spent.

In which case you should arrange a mortgage

The mortgage is less favorable loan terms interest rates and amount of overpayment. But most of the borrowers opt on this type of lending. The main reasons lie in the fact that the mortgage involves a longer payment deadlines, which can reach 30 years. This makes the monthly payments less expensive for the family budget. Also mortgage allows you to purchase their own homes those who do not have significant amounts of down payment.

In any case, worth a stop for a home loan

Housing loans more favorable to borrowers who have a large part of the cost of housing - up to 70%. These loans are seriously limited in the amount and timing of its provision. But if the financial situation of the borrower and allows him to get a home loan, then, of course, is to stop your choice on it. The amount of overpayment in this case would be much lower.
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