Times go by, fashion changes. If earlier the symbol of female beauty had thick long hair, now a lot of girls prefer short stylish haircuts, which are easier to maintain. But time has no power over men, they are still indifferent to women's hair.

Why men like long hair?

Many men freeze with delight when I see lush, flowing hair that windblown. The fact that subconsciously it is perceived by the men as a signal that she is ready to meet you, she is open for communication. But the hair gathered into a ponytail or simply a perfect bunch, a little afraid of men, because this hairstyle is, for them, symbolizes a woman's desire to make a career.

Many successful women prefer a short haircut, but often they are lonely and suffer from a lack of affection and love.
Women with long, well groomed hair are always surrounded by fans.
Ladies with long beautiful curls look feminine, romantic and absolutely defenseless, causing men to want to protect, keep, and carry arms.

A strong floor presence of long thick hair in women is associated with good health, ready for family and children.
Perhaps the man is still not thinking about marriage, but at the genetic level, he chooses a partner that has all the ingredients for procreation.

From the history

In primitive society, women had long hair, which warmed the children and was hiding from external eyes. At that time, men loved to care for women, dragging them by the hair into the cave.

In Ancient Rus almost all girls before marriage had a shock of long blonde hair, which was plaited into a braid. After marriage, they covered the head and no longer had the right to appear in public without a headscarf. Choosing a bride, often the bridegroom gave preference to the girl, whose hair is longer and thicker.

If you recall ancient Greek mythology, with a short haircut there was only one goddess – Athena, goddess of war and justice. And its the opposite of Aphrodite, the priestess of love, had beautiful hair. The artist Botticelli in one of his famous paintings, "the Birth of Aphrodite" - showed her with a waving in the wind with long wavy strands. Tenderness and love on one scale, and another — justice and militancy. It is easy to guess that a man would choose.