Men are attracted to unavailable women. This fact makes half the female to suffer in the reflection, and the second to enjoy the attention. Why is this happening? Human nature has the desire for the forbidden, the unknown and mysterious. Not only is eve in the ancient legend was drawn to forbidden fruit, is the fate of every human being. Male more takes the initiative in relations with the opposite sex, and thus often attracts the attention of women than they are men. And the more the woman seems inaccessible, the more attractive she becomes.
On the one hand this situation can recognize a few childish: when children see a bright toy that is inaccessible to them, they begin to fight over her and cry, if you do not get what you want. Maybe no wonder why men are called big kids. The desire to possess the object of desire is higher, the more inaccessible the object.
However, on the other hand, such behavior is justified. Initially the man had given in society, the role of the hunter. Going out on a hunt, the man used to achieve this goal, we have to win the booty, or his community and family could be left without food and die. The same principle of conduct he embodies and in a relationship with a woman: men need to win their goal. Without a struggle and manifestations of force, he not feels his masculinity.
So women who need to fight with other men is not available in their beauty attract them particularly strong. If a woman is willing and literally falls into the arms of men, for it is certainly convenient. Maybe he'll even lead with it quite a close relationship. But initially she's not satisfied - he could not win her to be the only strong and beautiful, who made it the woman. If not immediately, but this fact can negatively affect relationships in the future.
Exactly the availability of women can be evaluated negatively by a man, especially if he is serious about a relationship. What got just, usually, not appreciated. If the man respects the woman, he can throw it as fast as received. A real woman, mysterious, enigmatic, and above all, respect yourself. She won't agree to the entreaties of the first counter men, will be carefully to choose my future partner, will help him to see himself and to learn from all sides. She will give him the opportunity to show themselves, to achieve, to both the man and the woman valued the Union and could respect and to trust each other.