Experts have revealed the fact that men love to peep and spy on the women. Moreover, the smaller the lady clothes, the better. However, staying in a beautiful lingerie and stockings, the girl might cause more desire than being completely naked. This paradox is explained by the fact that men are nicer to paint in your mind some details, to undress, not exactly knowing what lies under the translucent cloth.Stockings over the years became a kind of fetish, testifying of a woman's sexuality. Even Sigmund Freud said that an essential attribute of women's underwear brings the strongest desire in the male. One of the reasons why men so love the women's toilet is that the stockings did not interfere when making love. A graceful stem, obvivshem men"s thigh or the shoulder of a man excites even more if she dressed in a translucent, soft to the touch stockings.Besides the stockings can hide some imperfections that could be noticeable in their absence. The feet look more attractive and masculine attention falls on the naked thighs, which begin to look more profitable than before.Their role and the established men's Association. It is believed that the girls of easy virtue in the majority prefer stockings. A role is played by the fact that they do not need to remove when it comes to fulfilling their direct duties. The men at the sight of shapely female legs in stockings have thoughts of depraved sex, which certainly excites them.All this makes men a little nervous when they happened to notice that under short dresses or skirts you can see the pattern, indicating the presence of the stockings on the legs ladies.