Advice 1: Why men like girls with red hair

At all times it was believed that girls with bright red hair have a lively and temperamental character, exuberant in life and passionate in bed. Recently, these rumors were confirmed by researchers from Germany.
Why men like girls with red hair

Oh, those redheads!

German scientists conducting numerous experiments and surveys in the field of sexual activity of women with different hair color, came to the conclusion that red-haired ladies most actively and openly behave in intimate Affairs. Most often, they have a lot of suitors and partners.

Red definitely likes men! Even the heroine of the anime are very often awarded with the creators of flaming red hair. According to surveys, half of men attracted redheaded girl, and they would like to see as a sexual partner.

Red color do people associate with flame, with the sunset, with animals such as sly Fox. The tall beautiful girl with red hair, like that animal, dangerous and obstinate. Maybe she behaves like a bully, talking loud and sonorous voice, and in some ways it's too cutting and aggressive, but largely smart and fair. Its admire, admire, emulate.
Redheaded girls always stand out in a crowd, and sometimes the luxurious hair we create individual and striking image which, of course, men like.

What's striking about the redhead women?

The fiery color of the hair gives the owner an impressive, self-confidence. Due to its visibility, the woman is always the center of attention. Because of the increased interest in red-haired persons women often resort to hair coloring in this color, trying to be as noticeable.
You can often see Hollywood stars, recoloured in red color, for example, Milla Jovovich and Nicole Kidman from nature had a completely different hair color.

When you change the color of the hair changes the woman's attitude towards herself, her attitude, in a sense, even nature. She becomes more confident, more active, that is, of course, noticed all around. Also, redheads girls, men like their responsibility, initiative, and resourcefulness. This applies to financial, professional, and personal issues.

A woman with fiery hair never stays in place, it is always in motion, laughing, smiling, infects others with his positive and cheerful attitude. Red person – demanding and caring wife. They never leave a loved one will be around to help him, to assist in business and industry. However, it is necessary to communicate carefully, like a fire – any careless word would lead to a scandal and a quarrel. Despite all the words of the envious and the old believers, red women have the truly noble appearance. Red hair color is associated with gold, copper, money, wealth, and rare man will deny yourself this treasure.

Advice 2: What character from red people

Some psychologists believe that hair color affects the character. Red people - "sweethearts" of the sun, people with fire hair are not so common, but there are almost all nationalities. They have its own characteristics in the character. Formed some stereotypes about such beings, but there are certain facts
What character from red people
Red color was associated with sun and fire. Hence the stereotypes of the characters of the people with a copper color. The heat of the sun, and tongues of fire are considered elements, untamed and out of their control. Such were the people with sun shade. In ancient times they were considered hot-tempered, untamed, and dangerous. The same stereotype was facilitated by the fact that most redheads were Celts, the Scots and the Irish. As you know, it was bellicose and frightening people. About their violent temper is still legendary. Uncontrollable desire to be free and independent, aggression, and independence - and now these traits attributed to redheads.
In Ancient Rus ' red-haired afraid, especially women. They were considered witches and sorcerers. This was especially true of green-eyed redheads girls. In England before many of these women were burned at the stake as witches.
Red-haired people from childhood we have to endure huge pressure and pressure. Some adults can't endure all the banter and attention. But red gives it a special patience, rigidity of character, the ability to defend their opinion and to reach the expected heights. Thanks to this stand out women. They easily achieve success in the men's field, always on top and ready to fight back if necessary.
In the crowd of people with red hair can be seen immediately. It stands out for its brightness. And bright personalities they are considered not only by their appearance but also in character. They can surprise, in a moment to be soft and romantic, and after a second flare up and explode a storm of emotions. Scientists have proved that red people anti-stress hormones are produced in smaller numbers than people with other hair shades.
Sexy redheads it appears the fire. Just lava of passion and desire fills them. They can stir up every heart to light it with her limitless love and sexuality. In bed they work wonders, giving their partners an unforgettable experience. Their feelings, in bed show its full force.
Red people are energetic, truthful, can tell the whole truth in the forehead, not caring about the consequences. They are fearless, stubborn, self-reliant and independent. But it is possible that such a character appears in the result of stereotypes. Meet and redheads representatives with completely opposite traits.
People with natural red hair color not so common. Only 4% of people have hair with fiery hues.
Useful advice
Women with red hair, not gray. With age, the hair color first becomes sandy and then white.
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