Can I ask the fortuneteller?

The future is fragile, vague and indefinite thing. Any action in this potentially changes everything. It is therefore dangerous to apply to fortune-tellers or psychics.

First, there is no objective evidence of super-powers. Even if we assume that this ability may exist, their presence could not be verified. Often, most of the well-known "miracles" are well-rehearsed tricks. Accordingly, an extremely high chance to get into the irresponsible quack who will report on ten "the crown of celibacy" and the evil eye, will ask for a lot of money for their removal, will spoil to you mood, and as a result nothing will change.

Second, believers move to the fortune teller ordered. This is considered an appeal to the dark forces, and therefore is sin.
If you have recently converted to Christianity, think about whether to go to a fortune given the fact that the priests condemn such practices.

If you still decided to go to the fortune teller, do not bring too much money. So you will have less temptation to buy yourself some of the powerful trinket.

Thirdly, and this is very important, information about the future can program you. Perhaps you will subconsciously start to perform actions that will lead you exactly to the "predicted future". And well, if you predicted something positive and pleasant, and if the fortune teller said those horrible things, and your subconscious accepted them as a call to action?

Of course, a positive forecast could be very useful. People are asked to read them to hear something good. Often good fortune-teller, the psychologist can recommend something important and meaningful. But even if you decided to go to such a specialist, do not make it a regular practice. Regular monthly forecasts will make you addicted to fortune tellers that will not lead to anything good.

Where to go for programming the future?

It is in the self-programming hiding the most danger. Often fortune tellers, psychologists are satisfied with all these impressive rituals like looking into a crystal ball or Tarot cards to introduce the client to suitable for the self-programming state.
Most of the "guesswork" is built on the physiognomy and subtle knowledge of human psychology. A variety of techniques like neuro-linguistic programming simplify gadalkin work.

Then, their prediction seems to be coming true, a client comes to him several times, bringing a lot of money. Charlatans use this technique to convince a person that his future is a lot of negativity, from which it is possible to get rid of, buying himself some sort of unique mascot. A person buys such a thing for a lot of money, subconsciously "puts a check mark" in the subconscious mind and waits for the amulet to kick in.