The first signs of a mental disorder

Fatigue is a complex disorder characterizing the initial stage of mental disorder. The patient begins to get tired, to be exhausted. The efficiency is sharply reduced. There is a General lethargy, weakness, mood becomes unstable. Frequent headaches, insomnia and constant fatigue – symptoms that require detailed consideration. It should be noted, fatigue is not always the main symptom of a mental disorder and is rather a non-specific symptom, as can occur in somatic diseases.
Suicidal thoughts or actions – the reason for the emergency hospitalization in a psychiatric clinic.

The state of obsessions. The patient begin to attend special thoughts, which are impossible to get rid of. The feeling of fear, depression, insecurity and doubts are reinforced. The state of the obsessions may be accompanied by a defined rhythmic actions, movements and rituals. Some patients carefully and for a long time to wash their hands, others repeatedly checking if the door is locked, lights switched on, iron etc.

Affective syndrome is the most common first sign of mental disorder, which is accompanied by a persistent change of mood. Most often the patient has a decreased mood with depressive episode, much less – delusions accompanied by elevated mood. With the effective treatment of mental disorders of depression or mania disappear in the last turn. On the background of affective disorders, a decrease in memory. The patient has difficulty making decisions. Moreover, depression is accompanied by a number of somatic symptoms: indigestion, a feeling of heat or cold, nausea, heartburn, belching.

If affective syndrome with delusions, patients present elevated mood. Paced mental activities repeatedly accelerated to sleep get a minimum of time. The excess energy may be replaced by a sharp apathy and drowsiness.
Dementia – the last stage of a disorder that is accompanied by a persistent decline in intellectual functions and dementia.

Hypochondria, tactile and visual hallucinations, delusions, substance abuse and alcohol – all of this accompanies a mental disorder. Close relatives of the patient do not always immediately understand what is going on, so for psychiatric help when the disorder becomes pronounced.

Timely treatment of mental disorders – a guarantee of success

Modern medicine has in its Arsenal a quite effective means for the treatment of mental disorders. The sooner treatment is started, the higher the chance for success.