Paranoia is a mental disorder, a form of schizophrenia characterized by delusions of grandeur, imaginary, suspicion, not infrequently there are suicidal forms of the disease. There are two stages of disease development.

In the first stage, the person continues to lead a normal life without any changes and disturbances. It seems to mean that a person is absolutely healthy and there is no reason for the development of the disease. In the second stage appears the disease itself in the form of further features. Reasons of development of this disorder can be alcohol abuse, use of drugs or other external factors that produce critical mental disorders.

For many years the disease can affect the person slowly and imperceptibly. Subsequently he had symptoms such as arrogance, selfishness, delusions of persecution, auditory hallucinations various, down to suicidal tendencies. Patient feel that someone was watching him, listening to him or laughing at him. He becomes suspicious, angry, nervous and short-tempered. These people have little that can kill themselves, they will not stop before killing. Therefore, in this situation, you should consult a doctor.

Treatment, which is prescribed by a doctor, is taking various drugs. In addition, depending on the cause of the disease, the disease can pass immediately, and can stay with a person for life. Therefore, the sooner people identify this mental disorder, the more modern and more comfortable will the treatment.