The initial symptoms of schizophrenia can closely resemble a conventional nervous breakdown or a psychotic disorder. However, among them are the clear signs of personality changes that occur in schizophrenia.
The development of schizophrenia may be preceded by frequent and severe headaches, seizures which appear and disappear with a break in years. Over time there is indifference to everything and to himself. This appears carelessness in clothing or strange, eccentric style. Lost interest in work and Hobbies in the past.
Schizophrenia ceases to communicate with others, even with close friends and relatives. All he sees conspirators and enemies who wish him harm and even death. Often he expresses for this reason absurd assumption that is a clear sign of paranoid schizophrenia.
Attack isolation of a schizophrenic is often replaced by excessive govorovskiy that looks like a set of unrelated words or sentences. And bouts of aggression or hostility are replaced by full location to your surroundings. Often a schizophrenic talks on scientific and philosophical themes or all of a sudden starts really getting involved with them.
With the progression of schizophrenia may begin as hallucinations and delusions. Patient begins to hear voices, which he often does, producing a clear impression of a madman. Often it allows to determine of a schizophrenic.
Known latent period of schizophrenia, which can manifest itself only by fits of rage, bugliosi and unfounded jealousy. In anger (in the period of exacerbation of the disease) schizophrenic even able to inappropriate actions that threaten the lives of the people around him.
Even less suspicion on the development of schizophrenia cause phobias, anxiety, obsessive thoughts. These symptoms of neurotic disorders actually may be the initial signs. However, to determine a schizophrenic in these cases is not easy.
Schizophrenia can occur by outbreaks of exacerbation and remission for many years, returning to a normal life. But in the absence of treatment the intervals between the exacerbations of the disease are reduced, and the symptoms of schizophrenia become more pronounced, making a noticeable and irreversible change in the identity of the person.
However, the time to establish schizophrenia and even more so to treat quite difficult because the few who are able to assume or acknowledge this unpleasant diagnosis. Meanwhile, the timely treatment can halt the disease or reduce symptoms during periods of exacerbation.