You will need
  • Ethyl alcohol, acetone, washing powder, petrol soap, lemon juice
Using universal solution, you can wash any type of fabrics from ink. Mix ethyl alcohol and acetone in the ratio of one to one. Apply the resulting liquid on the stain and RUB it. Then wash in the usual way. If the stain is old and you can not delete it, the resulting solution was put on the spot and then iron the iron.
If you got a thing that consists of silk or wool, do not despair. With gasoline soap and its concentrated solution with ease, you can display the ink stain. After the stain is removed, be sure to wash the thing in the usual powder.
Soiled shirt soak in milk for a couple of hours. Then wash with powder. If you put a stain on the jacket or the jacket, remove it with lemon juice. RUB the stain with lemon juice then wash it.
If you can not get the stain out the first time, then mix lemon juice together with powder and repeat his attempt. After the upper clothing must be washed in the usual way.