Why the increase in hemoglobin can be dangerous to humans

If the hemoglobin content in the blood significantly higher than normal, the blood becomes more dense, viscous. Accordingly, hampered its passage through the vessels, which impairs the supply of oxygen to the body organs. In addition, the increased risk of blood clots, plaques. And this, in turn, may cause several cardiovascular diseases, including such serious as a heart attack or stroke.

With the increased hemoglobin, often have drowsiness, fatigue, tires quickly, which reduces its efficiency, it might be depression. Also it can decrease appetite, cause problems with vision, the reproductive system.
However, the inhabitants of the mountain regions, increased hemoglobin content in the blood is normal. So, how would kompensiruet lack of oxygen in the rarefied air.

An elevated hemoglobin may be one of the symptoms of diseases such as polycythemia (excessive production of red blood cells, red blood cells), hemolytic anemia, cholelithiasis, etc.

What are the methods to lower high hemoglobin

To reduce the level of hemoglobin in the blood, it is first necessary to make adjustments to your diet. Should be deleted from it (or at least significantly reduce) the consumption of foods rich in iron such as red meat, organ meats, red fruits and berries. In addition, it is recommended to reduce the consumption of animal fats, as they contribute to blood clotting.

There are several medical methods of reducing the level of hemoglobin. The most simple of them is taking certain blood thinners ("Aspirin", "Chimes", "Trental", "Cardiomagnyl").
Since any medication has contraindications, you need to first consult with your doctor.

Even in our days for low hemoglobin you can use the bloodletting method, very popular in former times. Of course, it should be done only in a medical facility. In the most severe cases you can also resort to the procedure of erythrophores – removal of excess erythrocytes from the blood. But this procedure has contraindications and a number of consequences. So before its implementation should carefully review all the details.