If a girl is really valuable to you, don't give up and develop a plan to return the favorite. Depressed because of broken heart is not the best way out of the situation. Be stronger, wiser and more patient, then you may be able to return the love. Not to delay the operation to return the beloved, or she may start Dating another guy.
Do not try to manipulate your ex-girlfriend trying to win her back by begging or persuasion. If your beloved will feel guilty and it will come back to you, happiness such relationships will not bring neither you nor her. Also, do not attempt to explain to his beloved why you should be together. If a girl decided to dump you, some arguments are powerless.
Arrange some sort of random meeting with your ex-girlfriend. Surely you have mutual acquaintances or friends, through whom it can be done, for example, arranging a party. Just be careful, dedicating their plans to third parties. Your sweetheart doesn't have to guess that the meeting is not accidental.
Make sure to look very attractive. Think carefully about your wardrobe, perfume, update your haircut at a fancy salon. Your ex needs to pay attention to you.
Act relaxed, confident and friendly. It is not necessary to seem indifferent towards the girl and throwing her feet with declarations of love is not worth it. Show your interest in moderation, be open to communication. You need to show that you still have feelings for an ex, but not to take some action.
Make your ex girlfriend jealous. A little poflirtovat with other women in front of her. But it should be done in moderation, so she didn't think that you have with someone of their relationship. Despite the innocent flirting with others, you need to show that your ex-girlfriend you stand out among the rest.
For relaxed conversation, try to arouse his former pleasant associations about that time when you were together. Show your best qualities that you managed the first time to win her heart. Perhaps with their help, you get to return the favorite.
If you have to establish a relationship with a former girlfriend, it does not mean that you can relax. It is important to understand the reason why she left you, and not to repeat the same mistakes. Work on your relationship. Be careful, gentle and helpful.