Analyze the situation. Important here are such factors as the duration of your relationship, their quality, and also the reasons why you broke up. If convicted of your breakup was a young man, you must be sure that he realized his mistake and regrets his deeds. If it happened due to your fault, then you will earn the forgiveness and trust of your boyfriend, convince him that your feelings are still valid.
Proceed in accordance with the situation. If the cause of the break became you, you first need to apologize to her lover, to demonstrate a case of their respect for him. If guilty the guy, let him know that his actions have affected you, stick to a certain distance in the relationship. Just do not overdo it so as not to seem too arrogant. Try to get him to apologize and realize his mistake.
Best tested distance. Make sure that he missed you. And remember that whatever it is, life does not end, and the world has not converged wedge on this one, even if you are very much in love with him. After spending some time apart, each of you will be able to better analyze the situation, draw some conclusions.
Inappropriate on your part will also be harassing phone calls and text messages to a guy. Do not show him that you depend on him, instantly responding to his messages and phone calls. Show your independence.
In the process of reconciliation does not go on ridiculous baby things, throwing different notes by or through a third party. Behave like an adult. Just find the right time setting and seriously discuss the issue.
Be prepared for anything. Perhaps the first time to achieve reconciliation and to renew the relationship will fail. Most likely, your sweetheart did not immediately agree to any change. Do not be offended if his response is pretty blunt and negative. Better try to understand what feelings are behind his emotions. And if after some time he wants with you again to talk, remember him last negative conversation.