How to get back your girlfriend if she dumped you: 11 tips for all occasions

1. Girl needs to realize whether she did. You have to give her time to live without you. Let bored, thinks, remembers the time spent together. In any case it is impossible to get bored with phone calls and ask for meetings.

2. It is necessary to withstand a long pause with no meetings, conversations and phone calls. The longer the separation, the meeting will be impressionable.

3. Continue to attend parties and discos, and have fun. Your girlfriend will definitely report your experience. Your good mood and socializing with friends its sure going to hurt - "how can he not sad, and having a great time."

4. And it would be good to update the wardrobe to change your style and hair. Try to look better, don't show your emotions and nervous tension.

5. The time that you devoted the girl, try to fill with something. You need to load yourself with interesting work, sports, travelling.

6. If she calls, talk to her calmly (because you're doing great). In your life many changes have occurred, you are having fun. It is not necessary to talk about the relationship between you. She needs to feel that he was losing you forever, you're drifting away.

7. Use the Internet, put in social networking your new photos with friends, with girls. Try to arouse her jealousy.

8. When a chance encounter say with a smile and get out first. Tell me in a hurry, busy, meeting, etc.

9. Once her feelings are hurt, she'll call and make an appointment. Of course, take it. Walk around your favorite places. Remember the good moments the very first meeting or Dating.

10. Try to cause her to be Frank, if he did not know the reasons for the separation. But if you understand how to get your girlfriend if she dumped you, it's time to rectify the situation.

11. If the girl you care for, it is necessary to take into account their mistakes. Get rid of bad habits, change your lifestyle. In General, do what she wants. She will be back if I see in you the desire to change.

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