The girl again began to respect you, stop trying to show her that you are nervous and anxious. She needs to see you calm, reasonable and self-confident man.
Take your time – if since the breakup it took a little time, wait at least a week, let the girl gather my thoughts and understand what she wants. Maybe after a rest from you and after weighing the situation cold-bloodedly, the girl will realize she wants to resume your relationship.
In addition, the break in communication will allow you alone to think about what made the girl get away from you, and that you are not satisfied.
Treat yourself is critical – understand what your flaws and how to fix them. Your task is to change ourselves, get rid of the shortcomings, to change your life style and type of behavior, get rid of those traits that do not suit the girl together with you.
Just work on yourself will help you to regain her love. Remember how you were at the time of your visit and the beginning of a relationship. Analyze what has changed and what is gone and try to return the feelings and images that you caused in the girls.
Try to return to her a feeling as though you're just met. Be romantic, courteous, give her gifts and flowers, make surprises, take her to the Park or to the movies. Remind romantic on joint events and trips.
If you understand that the girl don't like the way you deal with everyday problems and try to resolve them quickly. When she gets back – she needs to meet a clean house, good technique and a pleasant atmosphere.
Your cheerfulness and friendliness will be passed to the girl and she'll feel that she's attracted to you. The girl should feel the change within you – let her know that you have become a man even more attractive than the guy she once loved.