If from love to hate one step, and then in the opposite direction should be only one step. Think about everything that happened between you. Why did you break up? You probably did something stupid and hurt his beloved to the depths. Now it's time to understand all and put everything in its place.
Try to persuade her to meet with you. Take her to a nice cozy restaurant. Give the gift of flowers. Make a compliment. Try a little to make her laugh, so she was not so negatively disposed towards you. Strike up a conversation about your relationship. I sincerely apologize for everything I did wrong. Convince her that in the future this won't happen again, say that they can learn from their mistakes.
Tell beloved about how much I miss you. Confess to love. Say everything that, in your opinion, can help to get her back. The main thing – do not lie. If she feels even a shadow of falsehood in your words, you are lost.
If the lady of your heart is seriously set against you, some apologies and declarations of love will not be enough. Give her the gift. Girls love surprises. The gift should be made from the heart. It must be something very beautiful and romantic.
Present your gift in an original way. For example, climb up to her balcony with a huge bouquet of flowers. Let someone down plays her a Serenade. Or put in front of her window, the word "love" or "I'm sorry" floating candles. Light them, and while they will burn, call her and ask to look out the window.
Let your favorite understand that you can not imagine my life without her. If you are sure that your love is mutual, but she can't forgive you go even further. If she desired under any circumstances, go for it! Pick out the most beautiful Golden ring and make her an offer of marriage. This will be a brand new page in your life, everything that happened before, just forget and leave in the past.