Agree, the separation is a bad thing? Many people know how girls behave in such situations: the first lasts for a long period of sobbing into my pillow, thoughts of suicide, drinking alcohol, etc. But not everyone knows how guys behave in such cases. Girl believe that guys in these situations are not particularly worried, begin to have a relationship with other girls and quickly forget about his former lover. But it is not so! In fact, more than half of the guys hard to survive the moment of parting, often wondering "How to win a girl back you love?"

What to do?

If you are seriously decided to return to his beloved, to begin to define a plan of action. In any case it is not necessary to call up an ex-girlfriend every 5 minutes, begging to come back, threaten, blackmail, suicide, etc. All these actions will cause the opposite, a completely unnecessary reaction. Reduce contacts to a minimum – you can chat on the General Affairs, Hobbies. Don't remind her about your relationship (ideally you don't want to talk to her about this subject). Also, do not use the ex-tender cases – for example, "sun", "baby" etc. it is best to behave as though you are just friends – this behavior is a little calm the girl, to help her psychologically to relax, because in her heart still feelings, thoughts related to the separation, which do not allow her to calm down. Only after some time, you can begin to give her signs of attention, but! Don't be too pushy!

Please note!

You ask the girl to tell the reason why you broke up, remember yourself what you were charged with and what shortcomings you pointed out. Based on this information, give an objective assessment of their behavior and identify their mistakes. If you want to Woo the beloved, then you will have to correct disadvantages and behavior that irritated her.

Came to the witch: "come you to me!"

Some boys and men, after the girl, turning to various sorcerers, fortune-tellers and psychics with a request to return the favorite. Honestly, it's not a good way to return of the girls. Besides the fact that you will lose money (none of the "wizards" will never work for free), you can also miss the chance and the time at which you can still change something.


One of the worst and senseless ways to get a girl back. Some men are taking revenge on their former girlfriends, setting the stage for a short affair with other girls, trying in this way, allegedly, to calm the pain of parting in the shower. And here, replacing is already a dozen of girls, the guy realizes that the pain and bitterness of parting passed. Moreover, in the soul there is a new feeling - a feeling of emptiness and self-loathing. It is the result that comes men who have chosen this option.

To summarize

In conclusion, we should say that there is always a chance. If you really will believe that you loved again are together, it will be so. The main thing is not to question and slowly but steadily, and to achieve my goal.
In opposition to this conclusion we can also say that the statement of Heraclitus "you Cannot step twice into the same river" is often confirmed. A very common phenomenon when people, who have come together for the second time, break up again, because I see no point in repeating the same relationship as they were before. That is why just need to work on themselves at a time when you just are preparing to return to his beloved girl.