Threw the girl? Do not smack fever. Analyze the situation.

If a girl left you because you made a bad but non-fatal mistake, then you have a chance to restore the relationship, correcting their mistakes.
Do not waste in this case, communication with the beloved. Occasionally call her, reminding myself, perhaps she will understand that I was wrong, and she will knock on your door.

But if she realized that she lost interest, relationship for her has lost its former importance, and is already leering at other guys, forget about it.
Try to mentally say goodbye to her. Do not dispose of gifts, not tear photos, whatever it was, it was part of your life. Just let it go and move on.

Everyone going through a breakup in different ways: someone silently, secluded in his room, and someone, every night getting drunk to distraction.

Take a break. Try to ignore the disturbing thoughts. Take the spare time Affairs. Do not stay alone with yourself, spend more time with friends.

If the breakup was painful, then in any case do not need to stay with her friends. Stop all communication with the ex, her friends, relatives. Trying to maintain at least some kind of relationship, you only more will hurt himself, seeing that she's happy without you.

Consider what happened after the fact. Put your relationship to chance that in the future not to commit such mistakes. Negative experience - the best experience.
Before you develop a new relationship, you need on first dates to know what approx is waiting for you, girl, what are her priorities in life and what kind of guys she likes.

Should not do that guys after the break

Don't Crouch in front of the girl. All attempts to make amends, to atone for her gifts can go to hell. And the reason is simple: despite the socialization of the person, people are guided by instincts. Women always are looking for a strong male is able to subdue her will, able to defend joint interests. If the man himself took a weak position, it loses all interest.
Don't get used to the person. Live with the thought that he at any moment can leave you - it will be easier. Not yourselves together with him on an emotional level.

Don't bother ex-girlfriend obsessive calls and "casual" meetings. Once she dumped you, so in her mind already formed a negative image that you only feed your actions. She will return only to the guy who will be interested.

Having a long-term relationship, many couples relax: less remove time appearance, variety and entertainment. Dedicating yourself to only one girl, guy forgets about himself, friends, Hobbies. As a result, it becomes gray and nondescript, losing points in the eyes of other girls. Engage them, spend more time with yourself, your desires and needs.