First delicate subject for the detection of a G-spot opened the German doctor gynecologist Ernst Grafenberg, after whom this stretch of excitation called the "point of Grafenberg", and later shortened to be called the g-spot.
Development of Greenberg not received universal distribution. In the early 20th century, few people knew about this study because of ethics prohibiting to publicly discuss the topic of sexuality.
In the future, a lot of controversy among scientists was conducted on this topic. Initially, American researchers have asserted that all is a myth invented by single women, and the G-spot is just a continuation of the clitoris. But later the French scientists conducted experiments and put forward a completely opposite theory that the G spot is present in 60% of women and gives them heavenly pleasure. Modern scientists are absolutely sure that such a zone exists in every woman, just located at different distances from the edge of the vagina. The latest unofficial statistics says that 90% of women found this spot and got an unforgettable experience.

Should I look for the G spot?

This question is for each individual. But it is important to know that when seeking a coveted area with your partner, you need to relax, confide in each other and tell about their feelings. So do not hurry, but better to wait for the right moment when you both are ready. It is known that the G-spot delivers an incredible pleasure, comparable with the flight, the flash of positive emotions. Scientists compare these sensations with a powerful explosion of the volcano. A woman's body, as the biologists would say, it's an unbroken erogenous zone, but the highest point of excitation is different for each girl, so even if you do not find the G-spot, research your partner in any case will excite and bring you closer together.

Where is the G spot?

The exact location of such area to be called hard, because every body is different. It is known that the G spot is on the front inner wall of the vagina, at a depth of 3-5 cm (in some cases 1-10 cm, and may not be strictly in the middle, and slightly to the right or to the left). On this area the skin is rough, crumpled. At excitation point becomes more convex.
The best position to activate the G-spot is the "man behind" and "woman rider".
Clicking on it, you can hurt the urethra, and the partner wants to use the ladies ' room, but this feeling is false and will soon pass.

In any case, the point G is the center of the immense pleasure that is the dream of every girl, and even her quest will bring pleasure to you and your partner which will feel like a real man, hearing the admiration for his abilities.