Where are the acupuncture points and what they do?

On the human body there are more than 1000 acupuncture points. However, experts at the acupuncture massage employs on average no more than 150 pixels, the largest number of these points located on the hands, feet, ears and scalp.

Acupuncture points on the hands are located on the back or on the inside of the palm. It is believed that the wrist is a projection of the human body in miniature: the thumb is the head, and its first phalanx — neck, little finger right hand, index finger left hand, middle finger is the left leg, ring finger, right leg, middle of the back of the hand, the spine. And on the inside of the palm of the dots are responsible for the condition of the internal organs. Chinese doctors perform reflexology believe that massage acupuncture points in the hand has a therapeutic effect on the whole body and internal organs.

Massage first joint of the big toe stimulates the larynx, thyroid, trachea, throat, esophagus, neck muscles and vertebrae. Massage the base of the thumb affects the bronchi, lungs and heart.

Feet from the point of view of acupuncture also represent a projection of the human body. For example, the big toe points are responsible for the functioning of the brain and in the Central part of the foot spread of the point masses which has beneficial effects on the digestive system and internal organs.

Treatment acupuncture: will there be a noticeable effect?

Reflexology should be carried out under the supervision of a specialist who knows about how to stimulate a particular point on the body. The result of treatment by such methods is largely dependent on the skill of the specialist. Do not expect miraculous and immediate effect of acupuncture. Usually positive effect in the treatment observed in patients after a few sessions. But some patients do not note improvement of well-being from such procedures.

Many Russian doctors have questioned the effectiveness and usefulness of reflexology. But despite this, in Russia there are many clinics specializing in the treatment methods of acupuncture. Currently, according to the results of the medical studies there is no unambiguous conclusion about the effectiveness or futility of acupuncture.