The benefits of Jogging

Running is one of the most popular sports in the world. It tones the cardiovascular system, stimulates metabolism, speeds, strength, coordination and endurance. Jogging are forced to work all the muscles of the body, to spend the accumulated calories.

Nutritionists have calculated that in order to lose 1 kilogram requires that the organism spent 5400 kcal. For a standard hour-long run burns on average 1000 kcal. Therefore, went to 1 kilogram of fat you need to jog 5 times a week, then a month weight will decrease on average by 4 kg.
Great benefits of running as a way to lose weight – you can eat whatever you want, of course within reasonable quantities.

There is another version of the routine runs. A morning jog can be the clock, and, for example, an hour and a half. Jogging speed up metabolism, calories burn in any case, that is 1.5 hours burns more calories than an hour.
Therefore, in order to lose those 4 pounds will need to run 3-4 times a week. The power remains the same.

Rules of Jogging

In order to effectively lose weight, doing only Jogging, you must remember a few rules. Running in the morning is the most effective. During the morning runs, intensive metabolism in the body runs at all day. Start to exercise with small loads (e.g., Jogging). Before exercise be sure to warm up, Wake your body. Beginners are recommended the first 1-2 training to run no more than 15-20 minutes, so not much to load the cardiovascular system.

Remember that regularity and consistency is important in sports. If run periodically, from time to time, it most likely will not give any results. Training should take place at least 3 times a week, and only on an empty stomach.

Surely you know that clothing for Jogging is selected as convenient as possible. Buy the form that will not interfere with body movements. Important point – shoes. It should be comfortable, lightweight. When running on asphalt, treadmills sole sneakers should be soft and thick to avoid injury to the knees and feet, as the greatest burden is on them.

Playing sports, be sure to breathe through your mouth, move naturally, professional running technique is not suitable for lovers.

If your body during the workout will require water – drink only a little and in small SIPS.

Jogging has a positive impact on the emotional state, improves mood, leads to harmony with the body, gives energy for the whole day. Weight loss through running a very real thing, try to tune in and achieve a result.