Hiking walking: effect on the body

Hiking in the fresh air benefit for the whole organism. They are well trained cardiovascular system, improve metabolism, help to cope with the problem of excess weight, a beneficial effect on the lungs and nervous system, relieving depression.

Starting focus on walking the walk, you will sleep better, be less responsive to various external stimuli, your blood pressure will return to normal, strengthens the immune system. Do not forget about the fact that the movement improves mood, muscular load contribute to the production of endorphins – hormones of happiness, and that means starting the day with a walking tour, you'll ensure yourself a good mood.

Systematic Hiking: where to start?

Begin the walk by choosing a small distance. For example, getting to work that morning on public transport, go for one or two stops to the location of your office. Pre-estimate the time you spend on this route. A ten-minute daily morning walk can give first positive results.

He started the walk, do not rush, do not try to put any speed record or time, increase your distance gradually, adding to it every day 100-200 meters. Try to obtain from the movement of pleasure, follow your emotions – they should only be positive.

That nothing marred your walks, plan the route. Well, if it will run quiet, remote from busy highways the street. Also pay attention to your shoes, it should be light and comfortable.

Factors influencing the choice of loading by the organization walk

One of the main factors influencing the length of walks are your age and health status. Walking is good because is suitable for almost everyone, regardless of age. It is, of course, to consider the state of your body. So, if you have heart problems before beginning a health walk you should consult with your doctor.

The older a person is, the more slowly it needs to get involved in the process of improving walking, beginning with the passage of a small distances (1-2 km) and raising the bar up to 5-10 km a day. While you walk monitor your health, in case of deterioration of the limit load or stop entirely, call your doctor.

Pay attention to external factors. For example, if it's heat or hard frost, it is better to reduce or even to abolish it, waiting for more comfortable weather conditions. In hot summers it is best to choose for walks morning and evening.

How many of us used to go on foot?

There are many theories about how much you can and should walk. The numbers vary from a few kilometers up to twenty-five. According to doctors, a healthy person should be paid to walking at least 30 minutes a day, preferably choosing quite a fast paced walk. But if for some reason you have this figure is unacceptable, start with 5-10 minutes and you will feel the first positive results after a couple of weeks of systematic walk.

Lack of time and walk

Do not worry if you have a busy work schedule and very little time for Hiking. Activities such as a trip to the store or walk the dog, also can become a worthy alternative to the usual walking. Where possible, try to use the car. Pay attention to what you do on your lunch break – sit at the computer or discuss with colleagues any problems? Try to find 15-20 minutes to walk and breathe fresh air, and your health and performance will significantly improve.


Walking is undoubtedly very useful. But this does not mean that you, no matter what, have to walk. Choosing a particular duration and speed of walking, listen to your body. He will tell you how much and in what pace you need to walk.