Natural fillers

First place is a normal wool. It is easy to purchase at any pharmacy, it is always available and inexpensive. Cotton is cotton, 100% natural product, and therefore harm to the baby or an Allergy is not.

There are also disadvantages of such packing: with cotton is hard enough to work to distribute evenly inside the toy turns out not the first time, requires skill, patience and experience. If at first you don't succeed and have to pull back the gasket, it is found that, unfortunately, the initial fluffy material disappeared.

Wash toys, stuffed cotton wool is not recommended. She will instantly loose it's shape, and the material will become hard. Besides wool significantly increases the weight of the toy.

Wool is another natural material which is suitable for stuffing. You can take an old sweater, socks, mittens, or unnecessary thread crochet. This material is best to fill a small toy made of thick fabric. Wool cannot be compacted tightly so the toy needs to be uneven. For more professional gasket used sliver. It is undyed sheep's wool, it is in the form of lumps, coils, or tapes up to a width of 8 cm.

Bulk fillers – tight gasket and original sound

These fillers are used for weighting of toys both independently and in company with other species. It can be toys rattles for kids or items-relaxers for adults. As the material are cereals, seeds, salt, sand, pebbles and even the husk.

There are some peculiarities of working with such fillers. First, they are sewn up into a special bag before you get inside the toy. Cereals need thorough roasting in the pan, or it gets a bug.

The only disadvantage of these gaskets is the inability of washings. And any contact with water or being in a humid environment for them is disastrous.

Artificial fillers

Excellent material, pliable and easy to work with is acrylic. It's surprisingly soft and airy, while its consumption is much less than in the case of the same synthetic padding.

There are also polyester balls sintepuh, they are not cake over time, which will allow the toy as long as possible to preserve its attractive appearance. The beads are very comfortable, they recover quickly after washing. They are used to create the volume of toys made from thick, textured fabrics.

Among the undoubted advantages of modern artificial fillers noted as a short term drying, durable, and hypoallergenic. In addition, within such toys will never infest insects. Well, the downside is that after all such materials are recyclable materials resulting from the recycling of used plastic and other products.