The principle of the filtration of the coffee maker

Coffee maker with filter is a pretty standard hardware-virtually all of the mechanism which was invented in the early 20th century. In this coffee machine has two containers. One of them is cold water, and the second gets ready.

As soon as you turn the coffee maker, the cold water comes in a tube where it heats and boils. Then the liquid rises up the tube as steam, then condenseries in the top. Drop by drop so the water flows into the filter, at this time its temperature is about 95 o C. Passing through the filter with ground coffee, water, brewed, turning into a fragrant drink which then drains into the pot.

Filter with your hands

A coffee filter is very simple in design. Usually it has a built in filter that should be cleaned after the preparation of the drink, but it so happens that it crashes: a thin membrane torn from old age or handling.

In this case, as a filter you can try to use the paper filters are for coffee. They are sold in shops in a whole package. The advantage of such filters is that they are specially designed to filter coffee, and secondly, they do not need to wash, you just remove the filter and replace with fresh, throwing out the old with all the used coffee grounds.

If a special coffee filter at hand and buy it for whatever reasons find it difficult, try to build it from plain paper. Here you should test to see how well the paper is pass water and not spreading any word from her. You can use paper towels or heavy cloth.

A piece of calico or cotton cloth may also be suitable. If you have old sheets, you can safely use them. You need the eye to determine how the fabric tight to solve in one or two layers to enclose it. You can also use a normal gauze bandage, but it is better to lay down several layers. Before first use, rinse the flannel in the water, otherwise you risk to get coffee with flavor: fresh bandage has a characteristic smell. Another rather exotic filter can be made from women's tights. Slim and durable fabric perfectly passes water but does not allow the middle to get a drink.

Some fit a metal tea strainer from tea pots. The disadvantage of this method is that the subject has a relatively small volume, coffee will be very weak.