Advice 1: How can I replace the filter in the coffee maker

It happens that the filter in the coffee maker out of order, and the new purchase difficult. May be such that coffee right away, and you just can't wait until the new filter gets to you in hands. In this case, instead of the subject it is possible to use improvised means.
How can I replace the filter in the coffee maker

The principle of the filtration of the coffee maker

Coffee maker with filter is a pretty standard hardware-virtually all of the mechanism which was invented in the early 20th century. In this coffee machine has two containers. One of them is cold water, and the second gets ready.

As soon as you turn the coffee maker, the cold water comes in a tube where it heats and boils. Then the liquid rises up the tube as steam, then condenseries in the top. Drop by drop so the water flows into the filter, at this time its temperature is about 95 o C. Passing through the filter with ground coffee, water, brewed, turning into a fragrant drink which then drains into the pot.

Filter with your hands

A coffee filter is very simple in design. Usually it has a built in filter that should be cleaned after the preparation of the drink, but it so happens that it crashes: a thin membrane torn from old age or handling.

In this case, as a filter you can try to use the paper filters are for coffee. They are sold in shops in a whole package. The advantage of such filters is that they are specially designed to filter coffee, and secondly, they do not need to wash, you just remove the filter and replace with fresh, throwing out the old with all the used coffee grounds.

If a special coffee filter at hand and buy it for whatever reasons find it difficult, try to build it from plain paper. Here you should test to see how well the paper is pass water and not spreading any word from her. You can use paper towels or heavy cloth.

A piece of calico or cotton cloth may also be suitable. If you have old sheets, you can safely use them. You need the eye to determine how the fabric tight to solve in one or two layers to enclose it. You can also use a normal gauze bandage, but it is better to lay down several layers. Before first use, rinse the flannel in the water, otherwise you risk to get coffee with flavor: fresh bandage has a characteristic smell. Another rather exotic filter can be made from women's tights. Slim and durable fabric perfectly passes water but does not allow the middle to get a drink.

Some fit a metal tea strainer from tea pots. The disadvantage of this method is that the subject has a relatively small volume, coffee will be very weak.

Advice 2: What can you make out of pantyhose?

Old tights can be essential thing for a rational housewife. From this small nylon cloth you can do a lot. Take note of a few useful recommendations how to use the junk tights to good use.
What can you make out of pantyhose?

The use of tights in the household

Storage in old pantyhose onion has already become a classic. Try to use other ways to use them:
- if stocking how to wash, it can be used as gauze for pumping through her juice and jelly;
- cut along a nylon stocking can be an excellent source of elastic ropes that can be tied to anything;
- you can make a disposable tea bags: cut pantyhose the squares need to expand high-quality welding, and then enjoy the taste of the drink;
- the above method can also be used for brewing herbs;
the broom will not be disarranged and break down, if on top of it to put on stockings;
- rags pantyhose convenient to Polish shoes;
- made of old tights cloths have excellent abrasive properties and, therefore, they can be used for cleaning window glass and mirrors;
- can I cut old pantyhose into pieces and then tie them in a washcloth for dishes.

Hand-made: DIY tights

If you want something of his own to make, you will also need the unnecessary tights. Soft toys are loved by not only children but also many adults. There are various methods of making such articles. For example, they can be made from old tights (best color). Stuff toys can also be pieces of nylon products. You can find on the Internet a lot of video tutorials which shows how to make a stuffed toy out of the tights.
Do those who like needlework nylon tights should be much as these products, can make various exclusive and original articles.

Recently among fans of hand-made products are very popular artificial flowers and arrangements. Many do not realize that often material for the manufacture of these beautiful products is the usual nylon. The latter is processed and painted so that it is quite hard to recognize. In addition to the old nylon stockings to create these flowers you will need nylon thread, colored wire, paint, fabric, corrugated paper and various handy items.

Old pantyhose: application on the cottage and garden

The plants did not break under its own weight, and their tie to various supports, driven into the ground pegs. Overgrown bushes should also be linked to the branches did not split up in different directions. If this goal is to use the rope, plants may be affected. But the elastic rope from old tights will not be as hard, they are much softer will be able to cope with these functions. Furthermore, such a bandage does not rot in the rain.
Fairly large plants, for example, young trees, tie the whole a nylon stocking.

To drive a nail or screw a screw into the wall, you have to insert the tube. However, it may not be at hand. Then come to the aid cut into small pieces of old tights. They should be fairly tight to push into the drilled hole. Then heated on the fire a nail it is necessary to put quite deep in the simulated tube. The edges of the nylon at the same melt, and then become more dense traffic. In contrast to wooden counterparts, it does not crack. The same tube can twist and screw.
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