Should sunbathe shorter periods but more often. If your skin is not prone to catch the sun breaks over 2-3 days. But in this case it is very important not to overdo it with the duration of each "approach" and the intensity of the lamps, so do not spend in the cockpit for more than 7 minutes. Of course, the predominant rays that are used in the tanning bed is UVA, and they act upon the skin is not as quickly as natural UVB, but this does not mean that in the Solarium you can spend plenty of time - the risk of burns from this, unfortunately, is not reduced.
To accelerate your tan in the Solarium , you can use delicious and healthy food - very simple and cheap way to help sunburn "be yourself"! So, a bowl of grated carrots with a small amount of vegetable oil will help the sun be brighter, the same applies to a glass of freshly squeezed carrot juice. The fact that is contained in carrots, beta-carotene acts on the skin receptors, which are responsible for the interaction with sunlight. Tomato juice and cereals can also be a faithful assistant in this case.
Very useful for 30-40 minutes up to the Solarium to enjoy a Cup of cocoa. First, cocoa activates skin protection, and as a result the risk of burns, dehydration and aging becomes much smaller. Second, cocoa is affect the shade of your tan, it becomes darker and richer. The same goes for a couple of slices of good chocolate that you can eat about an hour before tanning in a Solarium.
Constantly moisturize the skin, it helps to maintain the already acquired tan. Nourishing and moisturizing ingredients should contain a shower gel, and body lotion, in a word almost all the means to care for the body. Leather in no case should not be dry.