Before the first visit to the Solarium you should consult with your internist and dermatologist. If you are over 30 and the skin has lots of moles, the risk increases significantly, so the doctor will help you determine your skin phototype to choose an appropriate regime of visits to the Solarium.
To relax, choose horizontal Solariumto tan quickly and evenly – vertical. Be sure to check in the cabin, the operating life of the lamps - if they are close to 500 hours, then their power is already weak from such a sun would not be much good.
Observe moderation and do not try for a couple of sessions to get the desired shade. If you came the first time, you will need to tan for 5-7 minutes, gradually increasing the time to 15 minutes. Sunbathe every day, take breaks for a day or two. When you acquire the desired shade, reduce the number of visits to one per week just to maintain the skin tone in the condition.
Take precautions before visiting the Solarium, the skin should be clean without any gels and Soaps, there should not be any spirits or cosmetics or decorative makeup. Necessarily on the face and body apply a special cream for tanning, normal cream for tanning under the sunlight is not suitable. This cream needs to be at the reception in the cabin, it is sold in disposable packaging.
Hair also needs to be protected from UV rays. Buy yourself a shower cap or purchase a disposable in the Solarium. There they should give you special sunglasses to protect the eyes.
To the sun appeared, immediately after the Solarium better don't take a shower. After the first time or two, the effect may not be visible, so you have a little patience that others appreciated your tan. But don't go overboard with it, don't drive yourself to the point of "grilled chicken", it looks unnatural.