That portends dream

The image of a bat in a dream is often interpreted as an enemy or envier. In the dream can dream that the animal flew to your house and showed aggression, it means that in the near future you may occur an unpleasant situation, which will adjust your detractors.

Try to remember your feelings at the sight of an unexpected visitor. If you experienced fear, then the enemy will be stronger than you and to confront it will be very difficult. If the mouse does not bother you, and you bravely began to expel her from his house, the machinations of the oppressors will not give you unnecessary trouble.
Old dream books associate the image of a bat with the evil spirit that eats the souls of children. Frequent night visits of these animals be sure to visit the Church and repent of your sins.

If your house flew a few bats, then it must be interpreted as news about upcoming troubles. The more animals you see, the sadder will be the events. Hundreds of bats swirling in your apartment, portend problems in communicating with others. You need all ways to establish relationships with those with whom you had a fight, who wronged or underestimated.

The interpretation of the nuances

The most dangerous dream is the situation when you visit your home bat rapidly heading in your direction and attacking the head. Entangled in the hair of the animal portends serious illness, misfortune and even death. Misfortune can happen not only with you but with someone of your close friends or relatives.

The image of a bat in a dream should be regarded as a warning. You may have to answer for their bad deeds, or fate will punish someone from your entourage.
To believe all the predictions should not. Their excitement you can only bring unhappiness. Bats can only be a reflection of your mental state, aggression to peace, anger or envy.

If the bat hovers silently in your apartment, and you quietly watching her, such a sign may be a harbinger of the imminent move. The causes of such events are likely to be not too pleasant. This situation also portends receiving the sad news.

Note the time of day in which you visited bats. If it happened at night, the trouble will overtake you suddenly. If it happened during the day or in bright light of the sun, the machinations of the enemies you will expose them to more active actions. Be careful with new acquaintances and do not tell about their problems to strangers or suspicious people. Your weaknesses can use against you.