What is hull insurance and CTP

The hull is a motor vehicle insurance from any form of damage, even theft. Thus, in the case of a traffic accident (accident), even if it is recognized as responsible - the driver who designed the hull, he can use this insurance to cover the cost of restoration, repair your own car.
CASCO is a voluntary type of insurance.

In turn, CTP is a mandatory car insurance drivers. In this case, for example, when an accident on the road, the guilty driver's insurance is not intended any payment, but another affected motorist insurance will reimburse all costs for repair of the machine. At the same time, repair their own car, the culprit will have to pay for.
CTP covers damage to third parties.

Differences CTP from hull

Features of insurance between hull and CTP is a list of different insurance cases. Insurance insures its owner from the following situations: fire, theft, harm to the car by third parties, from any accident, from the effects of various natural phenomena, such as falling icicles, flood, hail. In any of the above insurance case, the payment will be refunded in the full amount specified in the insurance contract. Thus, it is possible to include other facilities at the CASCO insurance contract, for example: the transport of the vehicle from the accident scene, assist in proper preparation of documents in case of emergency case on the road trip of emergency inspectors, and more.

In turn, the insurance protects the property interests of third parties. This is only necessary in cases of damage through the fault of the motorist at some traffic situations one hand, for damages to the other party. While there are limitations to a certain limit of payments in accordance with the amount as specified in the policy.

In connection with the above mentioned characteristics of car insurance, we can safely say that it is more efficient hull, but mandatory insurance.