Decoding the abbreviation for hull no. This is due to the fact that the Russian insurers simply made a carbon copy of Western term, not tormented with literal translation and creation of his own.

What is CASCO

The hull is a category of insurance in which the car is insured from several risks – theft and damage. Thus, because hull insurance – voluntary insurance, the car always can be insured only partially, e.g., only at risk of theft. Therefore, experts distinguish two types of insurance:

Based on these names, you can see that in the first case, payments will be made in full, and the second part (insurance will cover only those expenses that are associated only with those specified in the insurance loss).

Insurance aimed at protecting the interests of the owner of the vehicle, which, for example, is not happening in the case of insurance.
Voluntary car insurance against various risks in its full extent is made necessary when buying a car on credit. In this case, until full repayment of the loan beneficiary becomes the Bank.

What can be insured under hull insurance

On the hull are usually insured different types of vehicles. It and motorcycles, and buses, and passenger cars, and trucks, tractors, and trucks, and even trailers.

Voluntary insurance protects the car owner against theft or damage to the vehicle in case of accident, fire, any natural disasters, vandalism and other actions that resulted in damage to the car.
It is worth remembering that if you decide to intentionally damage your car to get insurance money, you will fail. In this case, the payments will deny you. Also do not pay, if you're driving drunk.

The conditions of calculation of hull

If you buy the hull is incomplete, for example, from damage, the minimum term of insurance is 1 month, maximum – 5 years. Full hull insurance can be purchased for a period of six months to a year.

An important criterion when calculating the cost of CASCO policy is the age of the car. For example, you can buy the policy of voluntary insurance in the Russian machines no older than 5 years and for foreign cars not older than 7 years.

The law governing such insurance, such as CTP, no. All rights and obligations as owner of vehicle and insurer are limited to the Federal law about insurance.

In addition, it is worth remembering that the cost of hull insurance is not the budget figure. It can be evaluated and 10% of the value of the car, and in a large amount, depending on the brand of car. However, if we assume that the hypothetical risks happened, the cost of repair or buying a new car to replace stolen are much higher.