Requires clear knowledge of traffic rules and the algorithm of actions at the time of occurrence of the insured event in the future to avoid the negative consequences associated with the case to the insurance company.


The deadline for the submission of documents to the insurance company are regulated by the Decree of Pravitelstva of the Russian Federation "On approval of Rules of obligatory insurance of a civil liability of owners of vehicles". A 15-day term from the moment of the accident an accident victim must send the documents to the insurance company to receive insurance payments. The insurance company must organize an examination of the car for 5 days with the aim of identifying the extent of damage. In case of failure of the vehicle to the inspection by the claimant the insurance company can refuse payment for legitimate reasons.

As a rule, the results of the examination are underestimated by about 30% due to the fact that independent expertise is actually depends on the insurance company.

It is better to apply to the independent review organization that has no relationship with the insurance company.


Deadlines for submitting information about the accident to each insurance company and your policy of insurance, which are part of the contract. As a rule, the period ranges from several days to two weeks. There are two remedies of the hull – payment and repair of the damaged vehicle. To receive payments under the hull insurer must provide the insurance company a certificate from traffic police-which is responsible for the accident, is also available ID, vehicle documents and the statement itself. Further, the insurance company considers the amount of compensation, the review period is also prescribed in the contract, the count of days begins from the date of treatment to the insurance company and documents.

In order to obtain consent for the payment, you must strictly adhere to all the rules of registration of the insured event.

Before you sign a contract, please read it and explain all the strange wording. Otherwise in all cases it will be possible to receive insurance payments because of the language that are interpreted in two ways.

Often there are cases when the policyholder failed to contact the insurance company because of the trip or the cause of the accident was in the hospital and was able to notify the insurance company about the incident over the phone. And the actual term of the statement expired. The insurance company in such cases refuse to pay. Get a payout is possible through the courts, it is only necessary to prove that the insurer learned of the insured event in a timely manner.