Examine all points of your contract that was signed when making the insurance CASCO. In case the question of refund was not handled directly in the rules of insurance, the funds you will not be able to.
Make sure that at the moment of rupture of the insurance contract he acted for at least ten months (from the date of its signing), otherwise you have no right to the balance of the funds.
Make sure that according to the signed insurance contract you have the possibility of receiving the balance of funds in the event of termination of this contract, insurance of the vehicle.
For the return of funds upon hull you may terminate the prisoner before the contract of insurance. Write and execute a Declaration of avoidance of the insurance contract, which specify that you wish to return (get) the part of the funds or of the insurance premium that was not used for a given period of time.
Make a statement in which you are asking to terminate the contract on insurance, and ask them to use that part of unused premiums as payment for a new written contract of insurance.
Make and sign a supplementary agreement, according to which you need to terminate the previously concluded contract on insurance of the vehicle.
A portion of the insurance, which was not used. Get a confirmation that the unused portion of insurance was credited as payment on the new insurance contract for the vehicle.