All about low-fat cottage cheese

The composition of low-fat cottage cheese includes a huge number of nutrients – magnesium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, choline, lecithin, folic acid and vitamin B2. It's perfect for power in any age, because it is formed of cartilage and bone, improves heart and kidney, and metabolism. Low-fat cottage cheese stimulates the process of hematopoiesis and required to use in case of anemia and atherosclerosis.

For the preparation of calcined low-fat cottage cheese in boiled or cold pasteurized milk is added a solution of calcium chloride.

Low-fat cottage cheese diet is based on low-fat milk, resulting in a product, calorie content and fat ratio which is not more than 1090 Kcal and 9%, respectively. Buy skim milk at any urban store, but before preparation of the leaven, it must be pasteurized by boiling or heating to 80oC for fifteen minutes – so in milk destroys all pathogens.

Cooking cheese

Boiled milk should be cooled on a cold water bath to 30 ° C and to ferment it by adding a biological starter culture or a small amount of low fat sour cream. For the preparation of completely non-fat cheese is recommended to ferment it without adding anything, waiting until the milk turn sour on their own. Then a pot of leaven placed in a warm place and wait for the appearance of dense milk clot formed on the surface of raw material.

The clot must be Gokusen to the end, but not Perekalin – otherwise you will get poor quality and perishable cheese, with sour taste.

After the formation of the clot dokashenko need to take the cheesecloth or strainer to decant the remains of the whey and cooling the obtained low-fat cottage cheese. If desired, you can add such condiments like sugar, salt, vanilla or cinnamon. As home low-fat cottage cheese skachivaetsya with the help of special microbes, it continues to develop micro-organisms even after they reach readiness.

This product will be dead in a day or two days, after which it can not be eaten, so during this time the cheese should be stored in the refrigerator and dispose of forty-two hours.