Cheese is a fermented milk product containing a complete set of essential amino acids, vitamins, calcium, lactose, fat, easy to digest form. These substances make curd an indispensable product.
Most useful is natural and homemade cottage cheese. This product is easier to digest in the body, and due to his popularity among all groups of the population: it is useful for children and the elderly. It should occupy an important place in the diet of people of working age.
Cottage cheese is rich in casein protein, which makes it a valuable product for the diet, and low acidity of the cheese allows it to be used in the diet of patients with gastritis, gastric ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer. In turn, he is also subdivided into several types according to the fat content of the finished product.
The fat content of this product is of great importance for the diet, nutritionists agree that a healthier cheese made from skim milk. The fact that there is a direct dependence of the quality of assimilation of calcium and fat cottage cheese – the higher the number, the worse the calcium is assimilated by the organism. In taste this kind of cheese is inferior fat cottage cheese and a product with a medium fat content.
In stores you can find cottage cheese with 3%, 9% and 19% fat. Each of these products has its own characteristics and advantages. Called low fat cottage cheese with a fat content below 3%, all other species belong to oily. Among consumers most popular curd average fat content, because it has good taste and nutritional qualities.
Cheese is also indispensable for the nutrition of children. Often prescribed to infants complementary foods in the form of calcined curd for the normal formation of the skeleton, but for adults this product is very useful. This cheese is cooked on dairy dishes, but if you want you can make it at home. Take 0.5 liters of fresh milk 3% fat, heated to 35-40oC and injected 10 ml of a 10% solution of calcium chloride (1 ampoule of the drug). After this you need to mix the solution with a spoon.
Under the influence of the drug in the milk for a few minutes, rolled into flakes, then strain through a colander. Whether the curd is ready. Do not confuse it with sugar or jam – it will worsen the absorption of calcium. You can use calcined curd for the treatment of patients with osteoporosis, to enter into the diet of elderly people and adolescents in the period of active growth of the skeleton.