You will need
  • - fabric for the piping;
  • - fabric;
  • - sewing machine;
  • - chalk or pencil;
  • - scissors;
  • - iron
  • - a needle and thread.
Sew the side seams of the product, frayed edges and Ratatouille them. Shoulder seams until ssuite to facilitate his work. Beforehand to ensure in line dresses the figure, can sweep the shoulder seams and try it, then they need to strut.
Lay the fabric from which you cut out of the piping facing up (usually it's the same fabric from which the sewn product). Top apply dress, wrong side up. The main thing that the fabric fit the armhole, with a small margin around the edges. The corners of the shoulder region will be located at some distance from each other.
On the fabric draw around it with chalk or pencil line to the armhole. Remove the appliance and at a distance of 3-4 cm from the edge guide smooth line. You should get asymmetrical horseshoe, the inner side of which corresponds to the armhole.
Cut out detail and just make a facing for the other armhole (or simply flip it symmetrically). Duplicate piping with fabric (spiderweb). In the future, sew piping along with the fabric.
Attach piping face-to-face to the product, aligning the armhole. Sweeps at a distance of 5-7 mm from the edge around the perimeter, remove and see the result. If everything is in order, sew the edge of the car.
In most places rounded slash with sharp scissors seam allowance almost to the seam (leave 1-2 mm), such sections may be several (important to the fabric during the everting do not wince). Remove the detail on the front side, seam perecentage on the wrong side so that it was not visible from the outside, and baste. Priutyuzhte details.
Pull out the shoulder seams and piping items and put them together. Sweeps them and sostrochite from edge to edge. Ratatouille shoulder seams and frayed edges.
Fold the facing in the shoulder area inside, baste carefully so that the seam is hidden inside and priutyuzhte. Pin the facing inside the hidden stitches in all possible places – to the shoulder and side seams, the Darts, if possible.