Cars for the Russian off-road

The automotive classification, the field does not apply to SUVs, and compact crossovers. But in the extreme conditions of winter, in the mud, in the forest and on the most challenging terrain in the Fields, no competition. And all thanks to the short base, high ground clearance and all wheel drive. Reason real fishermen and hunters prefer to buy the Field as an extra car and use it only for terrains. This car will not ruin its owner nor price at purchase or a costly repair, nor the voracity of gasoline in contrast to foreign vehicles.

Chevrolet Niva - city jeep

If you are going to buy a new car, note that not all dealers that sell the products of AVTOVAZ, have in their assortment the Field 2112 is a classic three-door body. Often dealers offer Chevrolet Niva. This model is more popular because of their appearance and comfort. On the Chevrolet Niva and it is possible to travel around the city. Especially since it is a bit softer than its predecessor. But on a very difficult road sections it is better not to test - cross it a little worse. The range of modifications she is also small machines come with the engine 1.7 (80 HP). But there is a possibility to choose from several trim levels. But they mainly relate to comfort and driving performance is not affected.

Niva 2121 to conquer the world

Be sure to do anti-corrosion treatment of the body. This is the weakest point of all Lada Niva.

Classic three-door Niva 2121 is still considered the most successful model in its lineup. Of course, don't look for it in comfort and safety. This is a "rough" machine for extreme, not for power trips around town. But outside the city the Field has no equal. As standard already have the steering, swing arm, damper. The price of a new car such a configuration usually starts from 350 thousand rubles. In the most expensive version systems added ABS+iron WAS and to pay it will have only 15 thousand rubles.

Niva 2131 - go ahead

Choosing a pre-owned vehicle, first and foremost, pay attention to the condition of the suspension.

The five-door Niva (Lada 4*4) is striking in its dimensions. This is a real huge SUV for a large group or family. Not for nothing on the roof pachydeminae Fields can carry bulky items. And the fishermen manage to haul it on a metal boat. This car will stand any load. But filling the car is no different from the three-door version. The only disadvantage of this body may become more difficult to control. The five-door Niva heavier behaves on urban roads, maneuvers worse, and aesthetically "three-door" looks much better. Prices for this version start from 390 thousand roubles.