You will need
  • E-mail or register in a social network.
In order to see correspondence with friends and colleagues on the Internet, you need to go to the page "My messages". If the letter came by email, look in your Inbox. To log on to the website, enter a username and password. Once on the message page, select the desired folder: "Received" or "Sent", "Trash" ("Trash") or "Spam". Click on the "name" of the recipient, the message which you want to read and go to the next page. Here the letter appears in full, and you will be able to perform the needed operation: to respond, delete or forward to another user the Internet connection.
If the message came in the mail in the social network, the first step to reading is the entrance to the site. Also, as for email, you will need a password and login. Once on the main page, go to "Messages". Depending on the website name above the item may be slightly different. "Identification" sign on the mailbox, as a rule, is an icon depicting an envelope. Click on it and you will see a dialog box in which you have to select the user for further correspondence. In this section you can read the incoming message, write new message, forward the message to another recipient.
To highlight and copy text, use the mouse buttons or keyboard keys: Ctrl + Ins (copy), Shift+ Ins (paste), Shift+ Del (cut). In addition, the number of sites in the letters supports adding and attaching a picture that can be sent with the outbound message.
To read new messages in a social network, click on the envelop icon or the link "messages". New, unread, messages will be marked with numbers indicating the number of received shipments.