You will need
  • - caliper or caliper;
  • - a tailor's centimeter.
Take measuring devices. Start take measurements with the tape measure. The point at which you want to measure clearly defined. It is a circle of shoulder, forearm, thigh and lower leg.
Measurements should be conducted only under observance of certain conditions. For example, the shoulder girth necessary to analyze calm in the place where most muscles. The forearm is measured when hanging freely and relaxed arm in the place of greatest muscle development. The Shin measure in the area of the gastrocnemius muscle in the place where most of the muscles. To calculate the girth of the thigh. Stand exactly so that the weight of the body evenly distributed on both feet, feet shoulder width apart. Embrace yourself with measuring tape under the gluteal fold. These rules are relevant for the measurement of subcutaneous fat folds.
In addition, measure the thickness of subcutaneous fat folds Vtech. This should be done either by caliper or a caliper. Next you will need a special formula to determine lean mass, called the formula of Ukraine. It looks as follows: M = Lr2k. Here M means the mass of the muscle, L is the height of a man sure in inches. To in the formula is a constant equal to 6.5.
Hiding under r the mean value of upper arm circumference, forearm, thigh and calf. In order to get it, you need to add the measurements of the circumferences of the shoulder, upper arm, thigh and calf. Then the number you divide by 25.12. Then similar operation spend in relation to the results of the measurement of subcutaneous fat folds. Add all the numbers together, then the resulting number, divide by 100. Then from the first subtract the second calculation. The resulting value formula to insert Ukraine instead of the letter r.
If you need to define the percentage of muscle, use this formula: (M/P) x 100. R in this case denotes a person's weight in kilograms.