Asthenic body type

Asthenic Constitution implies the natural thinness and delicacy of the bone. People with this body type is almost not better, but also muscle mass, it is not easy to gain. Typically, such people have narrow shoulders and rib cage is often too tall, that is not in harmony with the thinness. Long limbs, long face, pale skin. Pallor caused by low pressure, astenikov constantly cold extremities.

Astenikov accelerated metabolism, which also hampers the process of weight gain. If a person wants to get better, he need to eat very often and in large quantities. It is painful and weak people, but they sleep very little. By nature they are sensitive and impressionable, are often underestimated or morbidly high self-esteem.

They are easily hurt, but they are not prone to torments, and analysis of the event. Asteniki not prone to outrageous, do not strive to show yourself in society. In a difficult situation are lost, don't like change familiar situations, unfamiliar people. One of the positive features can be mentioned meticulously and honesty in work, honesty and diligence, steadiness.

Normosthenic body type

Normostenik has proportional muscle figure and muscle tissue is developed from nature. These people easy to achieve sports figures. The metabolism is also fast, but in the sedentary lifestyle, the fat will be deposited. They need to eat more protein than fat and carbohydrate. In this case, they will not recover.

By the nature of normostenik quite ambitious, always wants to be leaders. They are not afraid of danger, quickly find the solution in a difficult situation. Many of them are aggressive and tough, in a society behave uninhibited and noisy. They are usually very emotional, they are smart and witty.

Hypersthenic body type

Gipersteniki have rounded shapes, they have a wide skeleton. Dominated by fat mass over muscle. Limbs are usually short, the metabolism is slowed down. They easily gain weight and have difficulty building muscle. These people usually shy away from sports, but they need it. Without physical activity, their figure will inevitably fade with time.

Appetite they moderate, they are prone to diseases of the digestive and circulatory systems. Nature is good-natured and sincere people, calm and confident. They are very attached to close people and care about them, it sometimes comes down to possessiveness. The other gipersteniki must carefully monitor their health.