Sometimes a woman becomes jealous of her husband's past, especially if he was already married. Her feelings are understandable, and, according to psychologists, are normal. The main thing is not to cross the line beyond which begins the hysteria and accusations. Even if the relationship with his ex-wife was far in the past, a woman could still to her to be jealous. If last marriage left children, and the husband maintains a relationship with them, jealousy can only increase. In this case, you need to remember that you knew that he had a family, but it did not affect the decision to marry.

Don't limit communication to her husband and children, because even after a divorce, the wife became the ex, the kids remain in his life forever. If the husband requests permission to bring them into your home, do not deny him, because it will only strengthen your relationship. Don't blame the husband that he sometimes helps his ex-wife who is raising his children. But if children in the previous marriage was not, and the former often calling your husband on different occasions, you should speak with them and ask them to cease communication because you hate it. The main thing - not to stoop to swearing and insults. Groundless accusations often provoke an opposite reaction and instead listen to the words of his wife a man may start to do it out of spite. If the scandals and accusations continue, the husband may be bored and he will try to end the relationship in which he's so uncomfortable.

Try to give more time to yourself. Exercise, visit a beauty salon, remember their hobby. Start the day with a smile and try to spend it positively. Learn to love yourself and accept who you are. Not plagued by jealousy herself and her husband. Often spend time with him, walk, watch movies and share impressions. Allow yourself to be happy, and then jealousy will not torment you. Learn to trust her husband, because you want to spend the rest of my life. A man cannot hold no kids, no apartment, no pity: he will remain with the woman he is calm, warm and comfortable.