Let go of your ex - husband. Please note that your relationship has ended, and now each of you by himself. Learn to live without a former lover. Perhaps it will be a very difficult and painful, but with time you will cope with the situation and realize that the former spouse you no longer need, now that he's free, as you have the right to connect his life with anyone.
Be aware of the fact that your jealousy you just ruin yourself. This feeling is pointless, because it will not help you to return to her former husband and will only complicate your life after the divorce. Jealousy prevents you to start a new, more successful relationship with another man, to concentrate on finding his own happiness. Don't destroy yourself and don't lysates opportunity to find new love.
Don't concentrate on negative emotions. On the contrary, try to force yourself to think only about good things. Every time you think about ex-husband and present him with another woman, try to dramatically cut their thoughts, replace them with pleasant memories that have nothing to do with your marriage.
Change the way ex-husband, formed in your imagination. People often tend to idealize their past, to remember the good things and to think that a former partner was a wonderful person. Looking at the past through rose-colored glasses, you are only cheating yourself. Remember your quarrels, all the shortcomings of your ex-husband, his misdeeds, a situation when he was unworthy. And then rejoice that this terrible man is no longer in your life, and sincerely pity the woman who decides to build a serious relationship with him.
Take a break, do something pleasant. Embark on a journey that will change your image, make an original haircut, learn to play Billiards, jump with a parachute, pamper yourself with a trip to the beauty shop, change the interior of your home. Most importantly – do what gives you pleasure, and do not allow yourself to immerse yourself in painful memories and thoughts. So you'll be able to forget her ex-husband and get rid of jealousy to him.