Sometimes one of the partners intentionally make you jealous second in order to refresh the relationship. Sometimes it works, but most often it only leads to relationship problems and conflicts. But sometimes jealousy and provoke is not necessary. You often meet people for whom jealousy is an essential feature of personality. Excessive suspiciousness, constant questioning, mistrust – all this often leads to the fact that the partner gets tired of such a relationship and simply leaves.

The emergence of jealousy. Which is why there is jealousy? She transformered, becomes almost manic? Most often, the root of the problem lies in low self esteem. For this reason, doubt of their good qualities and pursuing assumptions that every second better than him, uncertainty in own forces and gives rise to a similar condition. Fear of becoming superfluous, unnecessary, fear to relive the loneliness.

Symptoms of female jealousy is more associated with the fear of losing their well-being. Most women hide this feeling, trying to suppress it. Another part of the exquisite half of mankind are in open conflict with her boyfriend. In the first, as in the second case, it does not lead to anything good. In the end, one way or another, relations between partners deteriorate, lost rapport and as a consequence, people are moving away from each other.

How to deal with jealousy? It is best to try to bluff and talk to the man, to explain to him what exactly did not like, and what feelings were experienced. It should also try to understand their inner world, to understand what reasons make to experience jealousy. You need to perform your internal settings and try to change them. This process, unfortunately, a very, very long. Therefore, you should have patience. If, however, attempts to sort out the problem of the expected results will bring, the best thing is to ask for professional help from a psychologist.