Learn to trust your loved one, because sometimes many grievances arise due to mistrust. They can destroy all that was between you. Do not hassle yourself suspicions it won't change anything. If your partner is cheating on you, you only spend your nerves, and he would not stop to edit. And if your loved one faithful to you to the contrary, suspicions and accusations of infidelity sown in his heart doubt: don't trust – so doesn't? Any of these options to anything good will not.
Do not try to control your mate. Nobody likes to feel their dependence, and to feel that they are someone dictates and specifies how to do the right thing in a given situation. Don't call your loved one at work every half an hour and don't ask when he would be coming home. Even the most loving and patient partner will be angry, annoyed and trying to get rid of this excessive obsession.
Do not look in the pockets of loved one note and not dig into his mobile phone in search of suspicious messages. If the second half will catch you in the act, it will only aggravate your situation. In the end he just run away from this unhealthy focus and tight control. And find solace in the arms of another man.
Love yourself and be confident in their abilities. Only believing in their appeal, you will be able to convince the other. Not designer clothes are attracting attention, and a straight back, confident stride and a proudly raised chin.
Do something. To get rid of thoughts about possible cheating, locate a complex task that requires full concentration. So you're going to do something useful in parallel and will be able to get rid of feelings of jealousy, and to earn the respect of the partner.
Take your feelings of jealousy philosophically. After all, in life everything changes. A person who is now, may not at all be the love of your life. Do not suffer and do not spoil your mood in vain suspicions.